Firstly, I would like to let you know in this post what I have decided about the book on Hermeticism that I’m planning to write.

Since I want to cover many topics, I think it makes much more sense to cover each subject in a separate book, rather than publishing all the subjects in one large book. This will also allow me to release each book after a relatively short period of time.

So I decided to stick to this plan, and the first book that I’m going to release is going to be about the original Egyptian tarot system. This is going to require lots of work, since I’m going to design the cards according to the original specifications. I want to make the book informative as well as artistic, so that the mind naturally wants to meditate on each topic.

That’s the way that the tarot cards can be understood – through the contemplation of each symbol. Thus, if the book is of an aesthetic appeal, the mind will naturally get into a harmonious vibration suitable for meditation.

The book will cover many unknown tarot subjects, like the information about what tarot card each letter of your name corresponds to and what that means; how to change your name according to the natal chart helped by the tarot for more health, prosperity and ease. The book will also explain the true meaning of tarot as the system that most people use is a Christianized version that sometimes very largely departs from what the cards truly represent.

For example, the card of justice should be the number 8, because this number is the number of the planet Saturn, which stands for unbending justice. The tarot card should show a blindfolded lady, because justice is blind – it doesn’t pay attention to the person’s social status or religious views.

Yet, because in Christianity the person is judged not by whether he adheres to truth but by what he believes, the Christianized justice card shows a man that is without blindfold, and this signifies that according to the Christian view, justice is not blind but people are judged according to what religion they belong to, etc. This, of course, prevents the correct understanding of the laws of the universe.

So in the book I will explain the original meaning of each card, its number, letter, and what the card means not only physically, but spiritually also. I will explain how this relates to the planets, and how to use this information not only for divination purposes, but for other purposes also, as the tarot system was at first not a divination tool at all, but an explanation of the workings of the universe and the purpose of human existence.

So rather than writing more about what the book will cover, which I will do in future posts anyway, I will get back to writing the book itself as there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

Before this, I would like to let you know that my new relationship is going great. My boyfriend is very understanding and we learn a lot from each other. He teaches me how to completely relax and switch off from work.

He is very concerned about my health, especially my eyes. Since I work on my laptop a lot, my eyes tend to get dry sometimes and then tears start flowing for a long time or I need to put almond oil to stop them. He tries as much as possible to detract me from work for this reason, and he succeeds a lot!

He is such a caring person. Whenever I’m hungry, even if it’s at night, he will procure food somehow. Whenever my energy is low, he is there to make sure I’m okay. He once was hit by a motorbike (Mars and Uranus influence in his natal chart) and I was there, by his side, giving him food and making sure he’s okay. He healed very fast. We care for each other a lot, and give each other energy and somehow it increases when we are together, like there’s an extra energy source.

He feels when I’m in trouble, and I also feel the same. We indeed have merged into one soul. We no longer imagine that our lives could be separate.

He teaches me to be more social, which is very difficult for me. I am a loner, but he is trying to change that because of the Indian culture. If I’m not smiling in front of his relatives, people naturally assume that I’m unhappy. So I’m trying to adjust to that as I understand that it’s very important.

Soon I’m going to attend his sister’s wedding, and Indian weddings are large.  It will require lots of effort to be with so many people all day, but it’s going to be an interesting experience.

I, in turn, teach him how to save and manage money, since he loves spending everything he earns. This is a tough lesson for him, but he’s trying to change!

We are not only a couple, we are best friends too. When we are together we always laugh and have fun. There’s a high vibration generated whenever we are close to each other. We both benefit from our time together, so we spend most of our time close to each other.

A day before yesterday we went shopping to the main city (in Kerala). There he bought me a beautiful kurta (Indian dress), and some other things. He also got some clothes for himself for the wedding. I had to wear two scarfs to protect myself from the heat of the midday sun whilst we were driving there on a scooter. It takes around an hour to get to that place.

Having reached the main city, we had some food and then did the shopping. Finally, we relaxed in a Cafe Coffee Day (my favorite coffee shop chain in India) enjoying coffee frappes, and then went to have Baskin Robbins ice cream. Soon the evening came (as when we are together, time flies) and we had to go back to our beach town. But before that we visited yet another beach tourist spot, to take an evening walk by the sea.

At the moment he’s visiting his parents because of the preparation for his sister’s wedding. So since he’s away, I’m using all my time to write as much of the book on the Egyptian tarot as possible. Because when he comes back, due to my eye health, he will protest whenever I work too long:)

I’m going to stay in India for a while, since I got a long visa. I enjoy my time here thoroughly as always, but now the weather is extremely hot. It’s usually 35°C and quite dry. Walking is almost impossible even with an umbrella unless after the sunset; so most of the time I’m in restaurants near the sea to feel some sea breeze, or in my hotel. Even evenings are quite warm, but this is the time when I take my walks and relax from work.

I love this kind of life. Working on the blog, making videos, living in India, and now having someone I truly love to spend time with. I am very grateful and blessed for this kind of life.

But it’s not due to luck. I myself changed the way that I thought to attract this kind of life – my start of life was quite miserable, as I wrote in the About Me page.

I hope that by understanding the true meaning of the tarot, which teaches the right way of living to attract good events, you too will start truly enjoying your life if you’re not enjoying it already.

So now I’m getting back to working on my new book, and I hope it will bring much happiness to many people.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will have a wonderful day, my dear reader.

Take care,

Simona Rich