Although I really need to be working on a client’s life assessment, I must share the dream that I got this night related to coronavirus.

(I guess I should also tell you that before falling asleep I was sending the energy of peace and healing to the people around the world and got such amazing positive energy in response – around my head – that my body even moved. So anyone who needs positivity right now – start sending healing and loving energy to the people of the world during meditation, as you receive what you give.)

In the dream it was dark. This was unusual as my dreams are light. Me and my boyfriend were leaving our place and taking an empty train (empty because of coronavirus) to another area late in the evening.

Then I saw us entering a house and then we were sitting on a large bed in a room. Everything was dark and grey. My boyfriend was sitting on one end of the bed and I – on the opposite one. The bed was covered with black fabric.

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I looked at my boyfriend and there were several demons surrounding him. One, the one that looked mocking, was very close to him. The demon looked at me with a mischievous smile. He was weak and powerless and I wasn’t frightened by his look.

There was also a demon girl that was approaching. That one looked much more frightening, like the death itself. She looked like from a horror movie – she was wearing black, her hair was black but the skin was totally white. She had marks of deterioration on the face, like she’s been dead for a while.

There was no life in her and she was so cold. I wasn’t able to read her intentions and that was quite scary, but I kept myself calm as I knew that this was very important. I knew that if I would panic those demons could have power over me.

I only felt that she needed something, and she was slowly approaching my boyfriend. I took out some money from my wallet and gave her, hoping that she would go away.

There were more demons, but these two I remember the best. I know some were under the bed. I ordered them all to leave by shouting at them, but after this I didn’t see the result of my actions – giving money and ordering them to leave – so I don’t know if that worked.

I told my boyfriend that demons surrounded him and he got so scared that he even cried. So this made me understand that some people will not be able to handle such truth.

Then I remember going out of the house, going outside the gate, and two men locking the gate to that house. They didn’t see me, though I was right next to them. All this happened at night.

Then I woke up at night, and I knew that I had to remember this dream. So I replayed it in my mind with the intention to make a video about it, and fell asleep again.

I’m not a dream interpreter but I believe this dream showed that the human race is under a demonic attack. I believe that those demons could be related to the opening of the gate to the underworld. I forgot about this conspiracy theory but I believe it could be the case, as those demons, though some looked human, felt like they didn’t belong to this dimension.

I believe I got this dream because I was questioning the validity of what I was hearing about the pandemic.

I was trying to find the images of all those thousands of dead people in Italy and all I came across on YouTube and Google Images were some hospitals with maybe maximum of 15 to 20 people. So since I feel no danger, I started doubting the whole thing. So I believe that I was shown yet again (as I dreamt about coronavirus before) that the threat is real, but…

I believe that my dream showed that as long as you don’t fear nothing will happen to you. Those demons are close to us and their vibration is very scary, like the death itself. So when the news encourages us to be afraid and those demons are close to us, it’s easy for us to panic.

Then, when we lower our vibration to such a degree, I believe they can enter our bodies and cause havoc. I also strongly feel that we need to let go of any feelings of aggression, violence and anger, as those are also vibrations that could attract demons in the form of viruses and other diseases.

Also, I gave that demon girl money for her to leave. This, I believe, shows that if we give of our effort, time and financial resources at this time of crisis, we make ourselves immune and help others. But this should be done without any fear.

In the dream I shouted at those demons and they didn’t attack me. This shows to me that we should be brave and not see this virus as something greater than us. Also, those demons weren’t trying to attack my boyfriend; they were just there, creating fearful atmosphere with their presence but they didn’t actively try to cause any problems.

Again, this shows to me that this virus doesn’t attack people; that people invite it into their bodies through very low vibration of panic and selfishness.

My advice is to raise your vibration as much as you can. See this virus as a challenge – it tempts you to panic but you have to remain calm. It temps you to think fearful thoughts but you engage in positive thinking. It tempts you to hoard, but you give.

I encourage you to see this virus as a powerless but scary-looking demon. It has no power over you; but if you give up your power, then of course any being can take charge.

If you have someone you love close to you, that’s wonderful. Be it a pet, a lover, your child – anyone. Focus on that love, do good things for your loved ones, be of service to those who need your help. And if there’s no one close to you to give your love to, love your plants, lovingly engage in your daily activities, do things that make you feel happy.

Yesterday a couple of stranded Canadians here in Nepal didn’t have enough money to buy food, so they approached me to ask if they can borrow some money. I gave, of course. The Universe may direct some people in need to you at this time. Don’t refuse them but give. In response, I got a life assessment order as a thank you from the Universe for helping.

Now, at this time of need, it may be tempting to close off to others, to save for yourself. Don’t make this mistake as the vibration of selfishness is not the vibration you should entertain at this critical time. You are asked to do the very opposite to what’s normal to the majority of people.

The Universe needs your help; It needs conscious and courageous individuals through which It can help this world. It can use you if you stay calm, positive, and waiting for Its guidance. Be its representative at this time as there will be many scared people in need of guidance.

P. S. Please let me know if you have some other interpretation of the dream that I had. That would be very interesting and probably helpful to all to read.