Here in Nepal tourists are panicking. I’m from a small country so there is no flight to Lithuania though after the 3rd of April tourists will be asked to leave. I will go to the embassy to see what the situation is.

Foreigners here are very concerned as some are not sure if they would be able to leave – all flights are cancelled, so only charter flights are being organized.

I’m not panicking. feel peaceful as I’m in the present moment. I believe that the news really tries to make people panic but since I don’t believe all I hear and I try to avoid most of the news, I’m not affected by their scare tactic.

Listen to “Personal Update: Stuck in Nepal? Police Violence, Coronavirus” on Spreaker.

I know that if people are scared they can’t think clearly and they are cut off from Universal Guidance. That’s what we all need now. So keeping calm and being uplifted is important.

I’m very glad that I’ve left India because now very strict measures are imposed there. People aren’t allowed to go out for 21 days and if they leave homes, police can use violence, fine them or imprison them. In the video above I show some video footage of the cruel treatment of people who disobey.

It was very sad to read the comments below such videos of people supporting police violence and treating those disobeying as some sort of criminals. They are simply free people exercising their right to walk on the streets.

The elite engineered things in such a smart way. Those who are aware and want to resist are seen by the masses as offenders. That’s exactly what the elite wants the masses to do – to be on their side and attack those who see through their plans.

What’s worse, in India some foreigners are being threatened by locals as the news painted an image in their minds that foreign people have this virus. Anyone can get it but thanks to the news the locals are so afraid to get the virus from foreigners that some states closed their doors to tourists already in the country.

I love staying in India but like everywhere, most people here are completely brainwashed by the media so in situations as such it may be unsafe to stay there. Also, the government is run by Modi whom I consider to be a dangerous extremist, so during such times I’m sure he will employ strong measures and put an end to many rights of the people.

The celebrities of the world support this stay at home order by hashtagging their photos with “Istayhome”. I even saw one that said “Staying at home is the new going out”. People are so easily led.

What happens whilst we are staying at home? Why is the police allowed to use violence, fine and imprison those who want to take a personal risk and walk the streets? I don’t think it’s to do with the virus but to kill the economy.

Also, in some places they are installing 5G devices in schools and other public locations whilst most people obviously have no idea about it as they’re stuck at home. Why are they doing this in secret?

If I manage to go back to my country and the situation gets bad, I will need to start a farm on my land and I invite my readers to join me if they are able to enter my country (Lithuania). This may develop into something very serious so if the situation is getting worse I think it’s wise to become self-sufficient.

If I’m stranded in Nepal I trust that the Universe has arranged that. Maybe there’s some work here to do. So I accept both scenarios.

Where are you? How’s the situation in your country? Do let me know by leaving a comment.

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