Yesterday Nepal closed its borders for seven days and everyone is required to stay at home. People aren’t allowed to go out unless in medical emergency. And that’s due to one coronavirus case – not even death!

A few days ago they discovered an infected person but yesterday the government suddenly took action to close the borders. Only in the evening were people updated that for the next seven days no businesses would operate and that people would have to stay at home.

I took a video of me walking late in the evening on the street – some people were still out, but only a few. Police vehicles would pass with loudspeakers warning that it’s illegal to walk outside unless in medical emergency. It feels like it’s a war state.

I don’t believe the government has shut its borders because of one coronavirus case. This sudden action is not to help to save people but for another reason, I suspect. It’s to make independent businesses fail.

Some businesses need daily transactions to stay afloat. Seven days’ closure will drive many restaurants and shops out of business. This is what the elites want – they want only government-run businesses and large corporations – all owned by them – to stay.

Who owns the supply controls the masses, so the elites don’t want any competition. The virus excuse is a perfect way for them to restrict the rights of people and prevent small and medium businesses from functioning so that they are made bankrupt.

I totally agree with David Icke on this, and I highly recommend watching his interview on this pandemic if you haven’t yet done so:

What Icke claims may as well be the case – he thinks that the military personnel of the USA may have released the virus during their visit to Wuhan. I’m linking here an article of a skeptic but it has the facts about this event.

The mortality rate of this virus is very small with the exception of a few countries, but due to the media propaganda people are frightened by it. Only those who are old, with compromised immune systems or weak lungs should worry, and those are the people that need much protection and maybe even isolation until the virus dies down.

However, to lock down entire countries and not allow people to go out shows to me that it’s not about the virus (as flu kills more people in a year than it) but about the restriction of people’s rights and making independent businesses fail, so that a path is made clear for the New World Order to be established.

Listen to “Coronavirus – A Big Step Towards NWO” on Spreaker.

If governments really cared about people, they wouldn’t cut off the income of those owning businesses but instead would identify vulnerable individuals and put all their resources to strengthen their immune systems.

This, of course, they will never do because it’s not in accordance with their hidden agenda. Even now nothing is said about the strengthening of immune systems to fight the virus; instead, people are encouraged to externally protect themselves from it by washing hands, wearing masks, etc. So this shows me that it’s not the well-being of people that the elites are concerned with.

People should be free to choose whether they want to go out or not. They should be free to choose whether they want to take a risk of catching the virus by keeping the business open or not.

Even if they do get sick, it’s not that they get free treatment anyway – healthcare system is run not on charity basis but on taxpayers’ money.

If you don’t pay taxes then you will need to pay for your own treatment. So the healthcare burdening shouldn’t be used as an excuse to keep people at home in countries where there are almost no coronavirus cases.

What to do about this situation

Here are some of my suggestions about what to do about this unfortunate situation.

If you haven’t yet bought land and you have the means to do so, maybe it’s time to do it. Your savings will be kept safe then, and if you are self-sufficient, you will be okay even if this critical situation is here to stay for some time.

If you buy some cheap plot of land in a village, like I did, to start some kind of mini-farm, like growing chickens or keeping goats, you will have constant supply of food and therefore you won’t panic if the situation gets really bad.

If you are a business owner, I encourage you to continue running your business with the excuse that if you don’t, you will need to sue the government for it going bankrupt. If you’re in a place where you will definitely be arrested for doing so or where people are hit by the virus strongly, then you may choose not to run your business but then you should unify with other businesses to seek government’s help in case it fails as it’s the government that has made the decision to stop businesses running.

If small and medium businesses unify and refuse to close, or ifitake they take legal action to claim back the lost money from the government, the elites will listen. If we are not united, the elites will win and the economy as we know it will cease to exist. They on purpose now stopped its blood flow – money circulation.

If police tries to interfere, I recommend educating them on the real causes of this lockdown. Most are too brainwashed to listen but maybe some will. And if you speak loud in such a situation people may start listening. You will stand a chance of making this alternative view of the situation known to the masses.

I don’t think we should be kept as disobedient children at home by a self-imposed parent – the government. If you live in a country that’s not hit heavy, I think it’s your personal choice to walk on the street or not.

Unfortunately, in the state of Kerala (in India) from which we left (me and my boyfriend), police actually physically assaults those leaving homes. This probably will never reach the news though.

I choose to do so because I want to in a country with one confirmed virus case. The government is not my parent to tell me what to do.

It should be your personal choice to stay in or not. You’re not owned by the government for it to tell you what to do.

I know these suggestions are extreme, but such actions are needed if extreme measures are taken against us. And I’m not just recommending these things without doing them myself – yesterday I walked the streets and supported several businesses. Today I did the same.

In some months maybe even the internet censoring will get tougher according to astrology, and maybe for saying such things my site or YouTube channel will be censored.

The most important thing to do is not to panic. It’s crucial to stay calm, uplifted and to meditate. This will keep your mind clear and in touch with universal guidance. The Universe will guide you if you don’t fear. If you fear, you won’t be attuned to that guidance.

I’m in touch with that guidance so I know everything will be okay. That’s why I never panic. I just know that God will use me in the best way. The feeling of peace is the confirmation that I’m in tune with God and that It will guide me.

I know I’m in the right place. It’s sad to witness such a state of events where most people totally comply. I tried to talk to the hotel owner’s son who was in the kitchen yesterday, but he is so indoctrinated that it was pointless. He really thinks that the government takes such heavy measures because it cares.

But here some businesses still run illegally. In the West it’s probably not the case as fear is greater and the community is weaker. But here people are community-oriented, they always exchange information. So they run businesses underground, still exchanging goods between each other in secret, and thankfully allowing outsiders to take part too. That’s how they will keep themselves afloat if this closure is prolonged.

Another unfortunate development as a result of this pandemic is that people will be pushed to move more towards the cashless way of doing things. As David Icke predicted, cash will be accused of being another means to spread the virus so some places will refuse to accept it.

Again, resist this by accepting cash if you have your own business and don’t buy from places which refuse to accept cash.

If we don’t resist, the elites will achieve their purpose – the New World Order. It’s up to each of us to do our bit to stand our ground and educate others about the other take on this issue that the masses are unaware of. If we are not afraid the Universe will guide us. If we are afraid and comply, the elites will win.

If the situation is really bad and gets very prolonged (which is possible according to astrology), I may need to return to my land to invite people to work there with me to run some kind of farm so that we are self-sufficient. Let me know if you would be interested. But if travel is limited (Jupiter is in Capricorn till December 19 so travel restrictions may be long), maybe that won’t even be possible to do.

If the situation isn’t that bad, I may stay in Asia and I hope that I would be allowed back to India as I’d like to stay in the north for some time.

It’s very important to stay mindful at this time so that we don’t contribute to the entertaining of negative thoughts in our minds. It’s those murderous, aggressive thoughts that are manifesting as the coronavirus, so it’s not the US government or China to blame – all of us have contributed to that.

I’m saying this because some people believe that the virus was introduced by the US to destroy its geopolitical enemies (watch the video below with the subtitles on). Talking about Italy, there’s also a possible 5G connection, but I haven’t researched this yet.

So it’s crucial for us to get in control of our minds through mindfulness practices so that we are not part of the problem. It’s also recommended to meditate for world’s peace and to be the example of that peace so that we take ourselves out of this terrible vibration.

Astrology on coronavirus

Now a little on what astrology says about this situation. It’s looking really bleak as the gathering of malefics in the sign of Capricorn seems not to want to leave. This means that the transformation of economy will surely happen and the change will be great, whilst old people will continue to die.

After some months businesses will not be pressured through military or governmental action but the change would have taken place and they will have to deal with that – by surviving or dying, depending on how much they got affected.

Once this pressure is released somewhat from businesses, people will get more of their rights taken away, and there can be restrictions online, such as internet censoring much stronger than before. There could be restriction of the access to new technologies for people, and limitation of people’s freedoms in other ways.

Things will only get better next year. I hope that people will take active rebellious action to make the situation better. If they simply comply, the economy as we know it will no longer exist. It’s up to us to either go along with it or to resist it. The energy for revolution is here, but who will cause it – the elites, or us?

Uranus in Taurus can mean virus pestering humans that was developed in some lab. Uranus in Taurus often foretells of earth eruptions and changes, but it can also mean some kind of technologically-induced change in humans, like a chip for sure, or even, as I said, a virus created in a lab.

This planet is connected with the cluster responsible for economic changes, showing that this virus is here for a sinister reason and is not simply a random happening.


Don’t panic. Don’t comply. Keep the money moving. Keep your vibration high. Keep your mind peaceful to get guidance from the Universe. I hope these tips will help you to go through this difficult situation.

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