Although I recently wrote about the best cure for unhappiness, I think it won’t hurt to repeat this message, seeing so many unhappy people in the world today.

Contribution to the happiness of the world is the cure for unhappiness. It’s very difficult to break out of the mode of self-pity when you are in it, but continuing such a behavior will only result in deeper unhappiness. The way out of this dark state is to contribute, contribute, contribute.

There are many ways to contribute to the happiness and well-being of the world. We should use our talents to do so. Maybe we can make people laugh or entertain them in some way. Maybe we can inform them about the subject that we are knowledgeable of. Maybe we can help them to improve themselves in some way.

Whatever talent you have, it’s important to use it for the benefit of the world. This is why we are here – to be useful and unique parts of what makes this life. This life is inter-connected, and we feel like we live our purpose if we become efficient parts in the mechanism of life.

Although in the West we are brought up to be self-centered, this self-centerdness can lead to unhappiness and depression. Because if we pay too much attention to ourselves, we forget others, and we don’t take action to make others happy or to contribute to their lives in some other way. Since we are here in this world to give, not giving, or not giving enough naturally leads to the feeling of sadness and emptiness.

Interestingly, we don’t feel full when we store what we know and the talents that we have inside. Quite the opposite – we feel empty then. But when we share with the world what we have, we feel strangely full! That’s because we are given those talents and abilities to express to the world and not to keep to ourselves.

All of us are small and unique expressions of God, and it’s sacrilege to keep that God particle from expressing itself. We are all individual stars made to shine on the stage of the world. Only when we express this divinity fully, do we feel happy and sense that we are doing something important for the happiness of the world.

So don’t allow that particle of God to be covered up by unhappiness and self-pity. Instead, however you feel, take some action to help others or entertain others in some way. This way you allow that light of God in you to shine. And through you, a unique being that you are, it will shine in a unique way, a way that it can only express itself through you.

How beautiful the world would be if all of us do not allow negative experiences to shape us, but if we keep shining our light despite of all that happens to us. Whether you are wealthy or not; whether you suffer or not – if you keep shining that light from within despite of all that happens, you will conquer that evil which crushes the souls of so many and you will win the game of life.

When I was a teenager I heard one interview of the rapper Eminem, and what he said stuck with me even till now. I heard that interview many years ago, so I can only give you the gist of it. He said that his philosophy of life was to keep trying to succeed always, and that he would never give up trying, and he would die trying. Losing was not in his vocabulary.

This philosophy of his is something that got embedded into my being. We should never allow life to crush us no matter how hard it gets. We should try and try and try, and die trying if life refuses to grant what we want. We should keep sharing our talents and abilities with the world no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.

We should not pity ourselves but spend time in leaving a mark in the world.  Slowly killing ourselves with discouraging thoughts and remarks of self-pity is a poor way to spend life. This way of living is actually death already.

So no matter what you have or not have, and where you find yourself at this moment of time, continue expressing your talents and contributing to the world in a positive way. Do not look at who you are now and what life has given you and contribute accordingly. Instead, do your very best, give all of you to the world, so that nobody, not even life itself, can stop you from shining that light.