There is something that most unhappy people share in common, and that’s lack of positive contribution as well as self-preoccupation. This isn’t always the case, but usually it is.

People who tend to think a lot about themselves and little about others are likely to be unhappy. Those who contribute little to the society tend to be much more miserable than those that do. So the cure for unhappiness in most cases is less thought about yourself and more about others, as well as positive contribution to the well-being of the world.

Since the laws of the universe are unchangeable and always in operation, we will do well to know what they are and to employ them for our benefit. And the law that helps to become happier is the law of cause and effect. You cause something positive, and you will enjoy a positive effect in return. So to employ it you should cause happiness to others, so that in return you also receive happiness.

You can make others happy in many ways, depending on who you are a as a person. It can simply mean changing your attitude and being more grateful, forgiving, flexible, and instead of hurting others with harsh words, use words that soothe and uplift.

It can be done through showing that you care, through showing that you are grateful for even little things done for you. It can be done by providing some quality service or by simply entertaining people for them to feel happy. That’s why people who have the talent of making others laugh are so loved by the world.

By making others happy in some way you are employing forces which will return to you more blessings than what you yourself gave to the public. So although a default mode of unhappy people is to even more withdraw into their unhappy self and not to contribute anything useful to the world, it’s the focus on others in order to help in some way that has the ability to take them out of that unhappiness.

We as individuals are supposed to be a useful part of our society. We are inseparable from it; we are like one of the cells that make up the body. We cannot feel happy when we aren’t useful to the organism to which we belong – the world, because our purpose in this world is to be a useful part of the mechanism called life.

When we accomplish this function we naturally feel happy. When we fail to do so, we cut ourselves off from the love of the world, and start as though dying.

People who turn to self-analysis often realize that we are empty within. That’s actually true.

Even through meditation you don’t really fill yourself (although it feels so) – you simply become a channel of positive energy from other dimensions (that is, if you meditate in a positive state of mind). So even through higher worlds we simply receive energies which might make us feel filled for some time. But the truth is, we can never be filled because our bodies are simply channels that Life uses to express itself through and to become self-aware.

Some spiritual masters, like Buddha, understood it. He could not give a definite answer when people asked him about whether our existence has any substance; that’s why sometimes he was accused of being a nihilist.

Our bodies are energy channels. When they don’t give and receive energy, they don’t accomplish their purpose and the individual becomes miserable and empty. So if our bodies are designed to be energy receivers and transmitters, the natural conclusion is that we will feel most fulfilled if we accomplish the purpose of our bodies through sharing the energy that we received.

There are many ways to contribute to the well-being of the society. It all depends on what your talents are, and how the environment allows you to express yourself. This can be done through the medium of internet, for example, and if one employs this means, one should be careful to spread only good messages as internet messages obviously tend to reach far and wide.

You can also do it on a smaller scale. Even making one person happy is better than not making anyone happy. The most important thing is to contribute in some way, and that the contribution is positive.

The more you give, the more love you will receive from the world. Everyone likes to feel loved; love is powerful energy that makes us thrive; it’s as important for our emotional well-being as water and food is to our bodies. And love will not come our way through other humans (that are channels of energy too) if we are mean, cold and self-preoccupied.

So find your way of transmitting love. For me, it’s about making videos, writing books and articles. And I’ve recently started offering the serve of looking at a person’s birth chart to help with their relationships. I find it very natural to transmit my love through these means, and it’s a joy to do it; and I think it works because I receive much love and gratitude in return, in the form of positive energy, good words about my work as well as donations.

So try to think about what you love doing, and how you can transmit that love to the public. And if you can make a living out of it, that’s even better.

It’s important not to get stuck in the default mode of unhappiness which is not contributing anything useful to the society and being self-loathing or feeling sorry about yourself. It’s crucial in such a case to open at least one channel through which you can receive love and appreciation. Once that channel is open, it will become easier to contribute even more.

So even if you do something very small that helps someone, this will open the gates of love and nourishment for your soul. And it indeed does feel like nourishment for the soul; the energy of love and gratitude that I personally receive from my readers feels like someone stroking my hair or something as sweet as that. I don’t even know how to explain it, but the feeling is so beautiful.

Things as small as donating for some good cause, saying some encouraging word or employing your talent in some small way to make someone happier is all that’s required to start. The start is the hardest, and then it will get easier to give on a larger scale.

Also, some people just aren’t self-aware enough to see that they are the authors of their own misery. They aren’t self-aware enough to notice that the way they come across is rude; that what they say hurts others; that their whole mannerism insults.

Even being a miserable self in front of others without saying anything is going to return negative energy to you, because other people’s energy fields will negatively react to the discordant aura of someone miserable.

So if even the presence of a miserable person disturbs the energy fields of others, how much more so their hurtful and unthoughtful words and rude actions.

And some of those who are unhappy will never be willing to look at the fact that it’s their fault. They will always point the finger at others. And that’s a shame, because if they caused their own misery, or if their reaction to something caused it, it means they themselves hold the power to fix their unhappy state.

Those who aren’t aware that wherever they go they cause misery and that their words hurt others, will still experience misery in return; that’s because ignorance of the way that the laws of the universe work doesn’t exclude one from being a recipient of one’s actions. So whether one is aware of how their words and actions affect others or not, they will receive the same quality of energy that they send out.

Therefore, its’ wise to avoid saying or doing anything that makes people unhappy. Instead, only positive actions should be taken, like doing something for someone for free, visiting someone lonely, surprising your family in some good way, fixing something for others, writing something positive and inspirational… there are so many ways to contribute.

You will notice that when you contribute in a good way, you yourself feel more fulfilled and happy, and when you stop this energy exchange, soon enough you feel empty and miserable.

It is indeed true that the more you give, the more you receive, and those who don’t give, even that which they thought they have will eventually be taken away. So the logical thing to do is to give of yourself for the happiness of the world and then in turn you will receive more than you thought you would.