Seven Chakras

It is important to understand the functions of the main seven chakras because they are your body energy centers which give you health and energy throughout the day.

If your chakras are not spinning properly you will not get enough universal energy and you may get diseases or always meet with obstacles no matter what you do.

The main seven chakras are nothing mystical as most people think. They help distribute the energy and are responsible for proper functioning of all aspects of your body and mind.

Whenever you have some illness and you heal it, it means that you have brought your chakras back into alignment. If you have some disease, it means your chakras are out of the alignment.

Aligning seven chakras

Many people heal diseases with all sorts of medicines, but it is unnecessary.

Seven Chakras

It is so much easier to heal illnesses by organizing chakras.

Yet many think it is just too easy to heal diseases this way and therefore opt for more complicated cures.

The easiest way to align chakras is through meditation. When you meditate, you cleanse chakras and make them spin at their normal speed. This gives you health, emotional stability and positivity.

You can also align chakras by using crystals, but I did not try that so I am not sure how it works.

You can also align your main seven chakras by visualizing them and making them spin faster with light filled inside them. I have tried it and it works very well.

You should visualize each chakra as a transparent glass ball with appropriate colour for each chakra. Starting from the root chakra till the crown chakra, you make each ball spin clockwise and fill it with white light.

You should do this by visualizing the process. This way you cleanse your seven chakras and that gives you a lot more energy.

But I mostly prefer doing normal meditation. This way I do not have to do any external activities for cleansing. It saves me time and the main seven chakras are cleansed quicker using this method.

Importance and purpose of each chakra

The first chakra is located at the base of your spine and is called Root chakra.
1st Chakra

This chakra is responsible for your survival and acts as a grounding force.

When you feel fear, are worried that you will not be able to pay your bills on time, when you feel you need to compete and are worried about other problems associated with survival, it means your root chakra is not functioning properly.

If you cannot manifest things, it also means that this chakra is blocked.

When your root chakra is in alignment, then you do not have fear, problems solve themselves and you are not worried about small things like bills.

Second chakra is called Sacral chakra.

2nd Chakra

It is located at the lower part of the stomach and is responsible for your emotions. Whenever you feel extreme emotions then it means this chakra is not balanced properly.

If you are obsessed about something, hate some person or feel too attached to someone, it means there is something wrong with your sacral chakra.

Also, when this chakra is not functioning properly you may be suffering from the obsession with sex or low self-esteem.

When this chakra is functioning properly, you feel calm, peaceful and do not have any unbalanced emotions. You are creative and happy with yourself.

The third chakra is called Solar plexus chakra.

3rd chakra

If this chakra is not working properly you will make bad decisions in your life. For example, you will take on a project that gets you nowhere. Deep inside you may know that you are just wasting your time, but you still keep working on it.

If this chakra is blocked you may spend far too much time on your work or become unbalanced in other aspects of life.

If you feel as though the world is against you and everything is out of your control, it also means that your solar plexus chakra is not working properly.

When this chakra is spinning correctly, you will take up great projects and complete them and they will lead you to more joy and success. You will clearly be on the path that is right for you, and you will feel that you are heading to the right direction.

You will spend time wisely and you will create value no matter what you do.

The fourth chakra is called Heart chakra.

4th Chakra

If this chakra is not working properly you will have problems with relationships, be single most of the time and you will not know how to have a loving relationship. You will not understand what unconditional love is and will find it hard to express your emotions.

When this chakra is spinning correctly you are likely to be in a very loving relationship that satisfies you. You will love yourself and others. You will feel compassion towards others.

The fifth chakra is called Throat chakra.

5th Chakra

It is responsible for communication. If this chakra is closed, you may not be able to get your point across, you will feel uneasiness whenever you talk and you will be afraid of public speaking.

When this chakra is open you can easily express what you feel in words, it is easy for you to explain even complicated things and you are not scared to express your opinion.

By the way, too much unnecessary talking also means that this chakra is out of balance.

Sixth chakra is called Third eye chakra.

6th Chakra

It is responsible for your intuition, connection with the universe, signs and symbols coming from other dimensions.

If your sixth chakra is healthy, you are able to think crystal clear and you are not avoiding spiritual subjects. You do not cling to your beliefs because you know that they are most likely wrong. When someone disagrees with you, you do not consider this to be an attack on yourself.

Your intuition is very accurate and you can sometimes predict future events.

When the third eye chakra is closed, you do not want to know anything about spirituality and you only care about the needs of your body. You completely identify with your thinking and you are not aware that thinking is just a tool you use to express yourself.

The seventh chakra is called Crown chakra and is responsible for your connection to the universe.

6th Chakra

Through this chakra you get universal energy and through it you get the ability to astral project.

Through the crown chakra and with the help of the chakras above your head, you are able to tune in to higher frequencies and you can channel non-physical beings and intelligence from other frequencies.

When this chakra is closed you feel completely separate from others and you are generally unhappy but you do not understand why this is so.

When you are opening your seventh chakra through meditation, you may feel pressure on top of your head. That means that you are making connection with higher realms.


Although widely ignored, the health of seven chakras is vitally important for your well-being. Chakras control all aspects of your life and if they are out of alignment you will get diseases, experience misfortunes and will not be able to find the purpose of your life.

It is very easy to cleanse the main seven chakras. You can do that with meditation and you can also use crystals to make your seven chakras spin properly. Once they are completely balanced, you will feel inner peace, calmness, happiness and will have great health.

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