Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest sages of recent times, is told to have said that some people who experience kundalini awakening believe themselves to be enlightened when the process isn’t complete yet.

Only when kundalini descends back into the body and makes its residence in the heart will the person know the ultimate truth.

Those few who were true spiritual teachers of the world operated through this center, like Jesus did judging from his teachings. Heart chakra is not about selfish petty emotions, but about feelings to do with higher aspects of this reality, as well as compassion, love and creativity.

Once you experience full kundalini awakening, you can never be the same person again. And after a certain time two roads become clear one of which you must choose. One is the road that has nothing to do with emotions nor humanity; and another is all about the heart.

The best illustration that I’ve come across with regards to these two choices is in my favorite-of-all-times mystical book Zanoni. It tells about master Mejnor living for centuries because he transcended all human emotions and loves, and this granted him immortality.

His pupil Zanoni lived for centuries as well, but he didn’t deaden all his feelings, and eventually fell in love. He knew that this would mean the loss of immortality, and became a willing sacrifice for love. The choice to love another human being knowing that this would mean death was a conscious sacrifice, and it unexpectedly granted him not extinction but true immortality (that has nothing to do with preserving physical body).

The choice to operate through the heart is also seen in the choice of Buddha to help the struggling humanity rather than to separate himself from it for ever. In Theosophy it is told that if a person chooses the easier road of leaving humanity behind, one will also not share in the blessings that the human race will receive when it learns all its lessons.

That easier road is only going to be chosen by those who really don’t care about where they came from. It would mean the death of everything that connects one with the human race, including the heart.

When the heart center is inactive a person can be really cruel and detached from how people feel about his selfish actions. This reminds me of those humans who are in control of the masses; they are extremely intelligent, yet their hearts are very cold. A person feels deadened to life in a way when the heart center is inactive.

If only people would realize how much they miss out on if they choose to keep this center dead. Their life is without many colors and warmth. Again, operating from the heart in no way means suffering from emotional ups and downs and making decisions based on impulsiveness.

It has nothing to do with lower emotions and uncontrollable urges. Operating from the heart means operating from total balance, because the heart is the middle chakra in a human body. It’s the center of harmony, the marriage between heaven and earth which gives birth to a true master.

Whilst a person who hasn’t much spiritually progressed is all wrapped up in feeling pity on oneself, a person operating from the heart chakra feels sadness but not about his own state no matter what it is. He feels sadness when he sees fallen humanity. So the feeling of sadness is  there, but it’s no longer about you but about others, which makes it a higher form of emotion.

Heart chakra is also to do with love and compassion. By that I mean true love and compassion. True love is being concerned about all humanity, and not only about those whom you know or who like you. True compassion is helping all who are in genuine need when and if you can, and this includes those who dislike you or wish you ill.

True compassion is helping someone not because you like them, but because it’s the right thing to do. Help manifests automatically in people who operate from this center, they cannot help it.

And the last thing I would like to discuss is creativity, because it’s a totally unexpected development in my own life, which I never anticipated when I began to strive to operate from this center.

When you try to operate through the heart chakra, it starts developing. Your world becomes warmer and more colorful. It’s very difficult to describe. It’s a lot to do with creativity. You can no longer view the world from the same perspective that you did before. The vision becomes much more encompassing. You understand the nuances of life that you’ve missed before.

Without the heart center active, people live deadened lives. The world is so much more than what they see. An active and developing heart chakra opens one to the lovable aspects of others, and makes them understand what people very different from themselves feel.

When it comes to creativity, you are able to see it where before your beliefs didn’t allow you to. For example, many people, including myself, don’t watch TV because it’s used as a means to control the masses. However, just because TV is used in this way, it doesn’t mean that certain art forms that are expressed through this medium are evil.

Such as movies, for example. Yes, many movies have an evil agenda for sure, but when you think about how movies developed, you discover that they have ancient roots. Humans acted for ages, striving to express different characters, attempting to transform themselves for impact and entertainment; trying to embody that which was in the mind of the story creator.

This is all art, and some movies still express that attempt to manifest divinity in this form without any hidden agenda. Thus, not all movies have some hidden motive but some still express that completely human need to express an idea into a more tangible form.

This might not seem like such a great revelation to some, but to me it definitely was. My belief about TV being a means to control humanity didn’t allow me to see a good intention and divinity expressed in the best form that one can in some movies. Now I see that, and I’m so grateful for this development. It certainly introduced many more colors into my life.

It’s nothing wrong to be entertained in such a way. It’s the same as appreciating a beautiful painting, or being delighted in a beautiful voice. This is just another form of art, another human attempt to express an idea born in their minds. It can be very beautiful and even spiritually enriching to be a witness of a human creation, such as a movie, in which people put their all into expressing an idea into form.

Finally, working on my heart chakra also opened my mind about the use of cosmetics on certain occasions, such as the stage. Cosmetics can be used to change a person into the character one wishes to portray, which allows the person to get more in tune with it.

Also, we live in an image-conscious, sense-oriented society, and sometimes one cannot get one’s message across unless she looks in a certain way. People are more likely to listen to someone with a beautiful face, unfortunately, due to the stage of development of our society and the current accepted beauty standards.

Thus, my strong opinion against make up has softened considerably after development of the heart chakra, though I still think that makeup can enslave, if one cannot divorce it from one’s self-image.

It can disempower if one becomes dependent on it, the chemicals in it are very likely to ruin natural beauty if it’s often used, but now I understand that sometimes people who wear it do it for the sake of expressing a different character or even trying to creatively express themselves, and that it’s not always about making oneself look more attractive and desirable. Sometimes it’s about making one look acceptable to the sense-enslaved society and therefore is an unwelcome but necessary choice.

In conclusion, trying to operate through the heart chakra truly enriches life. You start feeling more alive, you perceive more aspects of this world to do with higher feeling and creativity. You start getting in tune with the creative forces of this universe and you recognize people who are in harmony with it already many of which are artists of some sort.

Living through this center keeps you grounded yet ever dwelling in the highest ideals. It’s the point of total balance as well as true warmth. It molds you into becoming a true spiritual teacher through discarding black-and-white vision, destroying narrow-mindedness and attuning you to the ever beating warm heart of the universe that’s alive, vibrant, creative and is all about the highest love.