In the video, I’m taking a walk around a lake in Nepal where I’m staying. So this post isn’t going to be related to it though in the video I do discuss some similar topics.

Firstly, if you want some upliftment, you can head over to Tom Hanks’ for Bill Gates’ Instagram pages to read wonderful comments proving that people are waking up. Here’s a screenshot from Tom Hank’s most recent Instagram post:

Basically this is in response to him posting that he’s donating blood to help develop the vaccine. Can it get even more obvious. These celebs who get sick and all recover and then push the vaccine agenda are so easy to see through, yet the sheep still think it’s real.

Madonna apparently also was sick with this fake v…, yet at the same time she was partying with her crew! Yet people still believe her. Some people leave similar comments on her Instagram page, but nothing like on the Tom Hanks’ or Bill Gates’ accounts.

I dream about her sometimes, like this night. By the way, I recently dreamt about Trump giving me money to fly but not in the direction that I wanted! So I didn’t take his offer.

I think I dream about Madonna because in my soul I want her to turn from her evil ways. So maybe when I go to bed sometimes my soul travels to see how she’s doing.

I’m connected with people for different reasons. Sometimes the connection is made by myself, sometimes it’s there because probably we’re from the same soul family. Like I dream about my childhood best friend quite often and in dreams I see her spiritual state.

In my dreams Madonna is quite unconscious. She’s as though on autopilot, lost in her dance routines to the extent that nothing else but show matters. She’s always surrounded by people. Nothing can reach her, she’s totally shut in her world. She doesn’t want to wake up, she doesn’t want to think.

I believe the reason she doesn’t want to think is that if she starts thinking about her actions and consequences, it would be too scary. So she busies herself with her dance routines as it’s a sort of rescue for her sinking soul.

There’s an atmosphere of modernity and coldness around her. It’s a clean but not warm atmosphere. She doesn’t want to see any weakness in anyone and doesn’t acknowledge her own weaknesses but thinks herself very strong. She is very strong, but having a heart doesn’t make one a loser.

In the dream of this night it was the first time I got to be with her alone in some dance hall. I was asking her questions but unfortunately I don’t remember the contents of the conversation. But I do remember how she felt like. Her heart was inaccessible, only the surface her could be reached.

After the conversation she got reunited with some man, maybe from her dance troupe, and they almost locked me inside the dance hall. I was walking behind them so I think she forgot about me. It inconvenienced her a little to unlock the door again, and I’ve found out that it’s not the first time she locked people up like that.

That leads me to Aug Tellez’s information about the technology being used to transform our heart energy to the binary one so that you would lose your compassion and become merged with technology. We can’t go down into the abyss if we keep the compassion fire burning in our hearts.

We also should heal our DNA (maybe through meditation – I don’t remember reading in Aug’s website about that) and renounce any contract consciously or unconsciously made with the dark side. For example, such contracts could have been made as a result of dating psychopathic individuals that have a corrupted DNA and thus can infect us, or by giving our consent for the government to rule us by voting.

Also we should cut any unconscious contracts made with celebrities or religious figures by our energy of worship or adoration. This reminds me of a rapper I watched a video of who said something along the lines that he sold his soul to the devil and that all his fans will go with him to hell after their deaths. I’m not religious as you may know, but I do believe we are all going to different places after our deaths depending on our energy. However, this may partly be determined by contracts, or at least evil entities may try to trick us into thinking so.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t hurt cancelling any agreement made with the dark side. You can also revoke your agreement (unconsciously made) to allow yourself to be chipped or sucked into virtual reality, as we do use their technology.

One of the steps I’m taking towards personal freedom is trying to disentangle from any involvement with corp(se)orations. Since I already paid the G company for a year, I’ll keep the email. But before the subscription is renewed, I will probably set up a personal email.

I’ll delete most stuff from G Drive so that I can keep the free email, though I don’t know if I will be allowed to downgrade from a paid subscription. Whatever the outcome, I refuse to pay to organizations involved in any way with human enslavement (including those which deliberately provide false information and censor non-spamming people).

Although these are small steps to take, I know that eventually this will have a cumulative effect.

I would also like to share an unrelated but empowering piece of knowledge again from Aug Tellez. There’s a way for all of us to become untrackable by the system.

Humans are already chipped in a way through nanoparticles in chemtrails and from technology. But these installed mechanisms within us can only track us if we give energetic feedback. This feedback is given if we emotionally react to triggers, like by becoming afraid or displaying anger.

So if we learn to control our responses, or, even better, stop reacting to triggers, we will become untrackable because those tracking systems are unconscious. They can only understand where we are if we give some sort of feedback.

It’s through mindfulness that we can learn to retrain our minds for them to stop reacting to triggers. We need to keep our emotional energy in our field.

Aug’s information is very similar to what Carlos Castaneda wrote in his last book about the “flyers”. He wrote that they eat the energy of our field until we die. I think Aug is giving more detailed information that they cannot feed on our energy if we keep it within our electromagnetic fields (the “eggs” as seen in the pictures of our auras), but only on the one that gets beyond the field.

This parasitic matrix system will keep holding us slaves until people stop being negative and frightened and realize their freedom and personal power to create. Aug also tells that all of us are always free, but the parasitic elite thinks of ways of how to make us consent to our enslavement. That it’s the only way they can keep ruling over us.

For example, they orchestrate mass shootings to convince us that we need their police. Or they give us choices to vote for this or that candidate both of whom they control, and people forget that they have a personal choice of not to vote at all. Or they create religions and thus receive our souls because we worship their installed religious figures.

Self-empowerment, deep knowledge of one’s freedom, true love, compassion and goodness are energies that are repulsive to them and such vibrations weaken them. Whilst the vibration of panic, hatred, violence, lust and anger is their food.

Each of us are responsible for the destiny of humanity. So we must do what we can to contribute to the freedom of humanity and not enslavement. We can do that by never fearing, by realizing our freedom and creative powers, by being peaceful or joyous, and by refusing to pay to corp(se)orations (storing souls hating every second of their employment) but instead support humans like us.

Even if we take very small steps towards our empowerment, we make a little bit easier for the whole humanity to breathe because all of us are connected. So we shouldn’t stay inactive under the excuse that as an individual not much can be done. Since all of us are connected, even a little positive action is a gain for the whole.