I remember once going back from Asia to my home country of Lithuania and witnessing how serious people were. Seriousness drains this physical existence of any kind of joy, and only duties and responsibilities remain.

If you meditate and learn astral projection, you will quickly realize that this reality is just one of the experiences of our multidimensional self, and that there’s no death, just transmutation, transformation, renewal and moving on.

It’s very important to reach the stage where you have the evidence of this body being just a vehicle to experience this particular dimension, because then all fear disappears, and you start truly living.

For me, this preparation took place in India, when I sustained myself on a vegetarian diet, did daily yoga, and engaged in many hours of meditation. Now I no longer need to do these things unless I would choose, because I know who I am and where I am.

At this stage, I know life is not as serious as people perceive it to be, and that it’s a playground for our souls, for them to grow and experience ever new things.

Unless you experience the truth of this world yourself, you will always remain doubtful about the true nature of this existence. But if you’re awake, your Higher Self will take you on a journey of self-discovery, be it through meditation, yoga, esoteric Christianity, or through some other spiritual road.

These roads will take you back to your true nature, and once you understand it, you are free to do as you please. There’s no need to maintain any spiritual doctrine after that unless you choose to do that, because the purpose is accomplished – to show you who you really are.

When you reach the stage of understanding the purpose of this worldly experience, you start taking more risks. Life becomes exciting. You start experimenting and jumping the timelines.

For example, not having enough money, you sign up for something expensive, and then your eager expectation brings to you what you need in order to enjoy that experience.

Or when things go badly, you decide to keep your vibration high, and that problem disappears in front of your eyes – even if you’re in the midst of a disaster.

Or, having learned to astral project, you take a nap to find yourself in another world, and the next minute you wake up to continue this existence.

Life is fun, and it’s indeed a game. When you understand you are here to enjoy, this reality loses all its seriousness, and you can explore your creativity and powers as a soul.

It takes time to cement a higher vibration

It’s the game of vibration, and it takes time to stabilize it. Everyone is capable of falling energetically, and my energetic dips were visible to all when I would dip into conspiracy theories, many of which are true yet on a low vibration.

Now, I’m trying to maintain a consistently high vibration, and my reality starts reflecting that. People around me are changing, without me having anything to do with controlling them – I simply raised my energy.

The surrounding environment is changing. My daily experiences are changing, and I did nothing physical to accomplish it – I only avoid the dips of my energy.

Your vibration becomes much higher when you view life as a game rather than something serious. That’s because you get closer to the playful and creative nature of your soul.

The closer you are to your true self, the more of its powers and high vibrations become available to you. And then it becomes progressively easier to mold this reality.


When you’re not awakened, and you believe you are this body, life is fearful, difficult, and full of responsibilities and problems. You are afraid of death, and are afraid to make mistakes. Life loses all its joy, and each day feels devoid of meaning.

Once you start awakening, your Self leads you through different spiritual experiences until you are able to see your true nature and the nature of this reality.

Having understood yourself to be a multidimensional ever-living being, and having seen your playful, loving and joyful nature, you infuse your physical vehicle with this ethereal energy and the reality around you starts shifting.

The reality takes on a much lighter shade, and you experience joy and ease. Things become easy to manifest. As long as you maintain a high vibration, your reality reflects that in pleasant experiences.

Having truly understood your nature as a soul, you continue going up the levels of vibration, and enjoy the process of manifestation, seeing more negative experiences as challenges to raise your vibration, rather than reacting to them negatively.

Then life feels like a game and a wonderful experience, which is a playground for your soul to learn to focus, get established in ever higher vibrations, and enjoy ever new manifestations of your visions.

Hi, I'm Simona Rich, the author of this site.

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