I cannot plan anything because whenever I do, destiny shows that it’s not up to me to decide where my life is going. And this is good actually, because we can’t see our lives from a greater perspective, so this partial blindness results in mistakes.

Some people resist changes given by the destiny but this is unwise, because, as I said, we don’t see our lives from a larger perspective. This resistance against changes creates stress, illnesses and general misery.

Therefore, just like the circumstances arranging themselves for me to leave Asia, now circumstances have arranged themselves for me to come to Lithuania. This post is about how this had happened.

Staying in the UK

A view from my mother’s house.

I’ve stayed in the UK for a little less than a month. My mother’s home is cozy and the area around is lovely. However, she has only a one-bedroom apartment, with the living room included. In the UK spaces are generally very small.

This caused great difficulties since me and my mom are like night and day. She loves cool climate so even in cold weather she loves keeping the windows open. I love heat, so I like to close all the windows when it’s cold and keep the heater on. As you can see, in a small space this can present great difficulties.

And our changes do not end at that. We are different about absolutely everything. We wake up at different times. This is a problem since my mom is a very light sleeper and when she wakes up by some slight noise, she is unable to go back to sleep. She would get upset at me if she would be awakened by the door opening in the next room, for example.

Also, my mom absolutely despises any type of mess. She immediately puts back everything she uses. She wasn’t like that before but I guess life with her now deceased partner affected her like this. So whenever I would misplace some item, it would greatly stress her out.

I, on the other hand, am a disorganized person. I keep my things all over the place and when it gets too messy, I clean up. This, of course, makes my mom very upset.

She likes to keep home very tidy for it to look good. I like to make use of the home for my own comfort. So these are very different motivations.

It was very difficult to live with a person who criticizes you every single day for very small things. I addressed this with my mom and eventually we even stopped talking because my mom knew that if she would engage in a conversation with me, she would have something to criticize me for.

So eventually we realized that life together is very difficult for us both, and so we decided to live separately. We are on great terms if we don’t live together – we can speak on the phone every day and even have short holidays together. But living all the time together is just too much for us both.

Now my mom is much better after the death of her partner. She is Aries Sun after all, and these people recover from disasters fast.

I know she will be fine now. She also has helpful neighbors, she lives in a good location and she has free healthcare. My brother lives in the UK and he can always visit my mom in case she needs any help. He too wasn’t able to stay in her home for long (he stayed with her after the death of the partner).

She has really changed after living with her partner and I addressed that with her. But it’s not up to me to change her. I’m not a controlling person so I’m not motivated to cause some kind of change in her to suit me, but I had to address this as we lived in a small space together and obviously her actions affected me.

However, as we decided to live separately, that no longer applies.

I believe this was a lesson of Saturn. It seems I have passed the test. Since Saturn is making an aspect with a significant planet of my birth chart, often this puts more burdens or responsibilities on our shoulders. But sometimes it’s only a test to see the strength of the character and once the responsibility is accepted, it vanishes.

This is what has happened to me. I was ready to live with my mom for the rest of her life, if she needed me. But now as she herself thinks it’s best for us to live separately, I’m freed of this responsibility.


My next move

I was thinking which country to go to after our decision to live separately. At first I booked a flight to Croatia, as it’s one of a few European countries open for tourists. However, after booking accommodation the owner raised the price and I refused to pay that much. And strangely enough, the same thing happened with another owner of an apartment (I booked through Booking.com). So I took it as a sign that Croatia was not a place to go to.

And then the most natural choice was to go to Lithuania, as I, as a Lithuanian passport holder, could quite easily fly there during covid times. So I did that.

I’m glad that I flew here because I feel very happy now. I guess that’s where the destiny wants me to be, and I never resist the changes it wants me to make. So I’m open to what my home country has for me.

In the video I go more into detail about how exactly I came to Lithuania, and there will be even more detail in the future video and article. All I can say here is that people were very friendly and helpful, I got helped with my very heavy luggage whenever I needed it (such as to take it upstairs), and once I reached Vilnius I safely made my way to my booked temporary studio though it was night time.

Here are some of the photos I took from Vilnius, where I’m now:

I have a lot more to update you about but I will do so in future articles and videos.

The next post and video are going to be about the spiritual view of the world that I started practicing again (I practiced it before) which is responsible for all the helpful people that I met during my journey. It’s helping me to see Lithuania without any beliefs which I’m very grateful for since this is the place that I had associated in my mind with struggles and difficulties.

I’m sure you will greatly benefit from that spiritual system too – it can help to get rid of diseases and attract more abundance, good people and opportunities into your life. So I can’t wait to share it!

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