I see many good people engaging in a daily fight to enlighten the masses about the true virus situation. I appreciate what they do, but I find that this produces negative results.

Whether you fight in favor or against the situation, you feed it with your energy and thus it grows.

Detachment denies your energy and thus you don’t inflate the situation. Also, when you take any side, you lose sight of another one.

This world is a tricky one, always tempting you to take a side. Whether darkness or light, spirituality or materialism, truth or falsehood. Some people are so polarized that they would not be able to understand how I can say such things or what I even mean.

Yet the middle way is the only sane way to function in this illusion. Because by staying detached from either situation you see things as they are and you don’t get energetically hooked to anything of this world. This allows you to eventually escape this illusion, and whilst you are here, it allows you to make wise choices.

However, if you get hooked, you will find more and more reasons to deepen your involvement – more information, bigger conspiracies, more mysterious things to find out… until you find yourself deep into one extreme and your worldview solidifies, preventing you from seeing how things really are.

That’s why I’m not invested in this virus situation. I know that if I invest my energy there, I will be cut off from seeing the situation as it is. I will feel powerless by investing my energy into some opinion or even true situation, because then I would separate myself from my power.

It’s better to keep your energy within and look at the world in a detached way. Then you can make objective and wise choices and keep your power too.

Also, when you aren’t invested in any side and watch the world in a detached way, you are bound to notice windows of opportunity. That’s the time to act.

For example, that’s how I got to the UK in the first place. I escaped Nepal at the right time as I observed the situation without getting emotionally involved.

Most tourists who decided to stay during the plandemic are either still stuck there or lost a lot of money. They bought flight tickets out of fear when the flight ban was being lifted, not paying attention to the whole flight situation.

It was very uncertain, as flights would get cancelled and people would find it difficult to get their money back. But they were blind to this situation because all their focus was on escaping Nepal.

Yet since I observed the situation without getting emotionally involved, I knew that was not the time to leave because the times were too uncertain. Some time later I noticed a window of opportunity, when flights started regularly flying out of Nepal. My boyfriend was in India by then, and I got an opportunity to purchase a single ticket left. That’s how I escaped.

So far this strategy has worked wonders in my life. Of course, I wasn’t always using it. There was the time when I was totally invested in spirituality, thus on one extreme of materialism-spirituality duality. Yet with time I understood that I was not on the middle path and that my view was darkened as a result. And then I extricated myself form the situation, causing people to make wild false judgments about my actions.

I know many people will not understand this kind of view of the world and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. I’m simply explaining why I’m not actively involved in the plandemic situation.

There are other reasons for this too.

Firstly, astrology. In astrology we see major energetic trends taking place. You cannot stop that energy. If you oppose it, it can crush you. All you can do is observe and wait for a window of opportunity. They are always there, and that’s how you can win even if the trend goes against you.

Secondly, the heard mentality. The masses are very strong and opposing them directly is dangerous. It’s pretty much the same as standing in the way of a herd of bulls charging at you.

It’s best not to oppose but find something in common with them, and then, when some mutual agreement is there, to try to open their minds.

I find this strategy much more effective than direct opposition.

It also helps to remember your days of unconsciousness. I’m sure at one time in your life you believed the lies of the media too. How did you view people opposing those views? Probably as totally mad and you were against those kinds of people.

For example, I remember when I was a child I believed everything I heard on news. So once there was some kind of viral situation and I was praying for a vaccine. If I would have heard someone opposing it, I would consider them insane. So I understand how the masses of the world think – I thought so too in my childhood.

So it’s wiser to focus on what you have in common with the masses so that you gain their acceptance; because then their minds are more open to your suggestions. If you directly oppose them, all you will get is closed minds and opposition.

That’s how I opened my boyfriend’s mind to the existence of the dark global government. He thought it to be total madness at first, but since I allowed him the freedom to think for himself whilst dropping seeds about these matters, eventually he started researching them and to his shock found it to be true.

Sometimes people are simply not ready to wake up. If you drop seeds, those who are ready will wake up at their own time. Whilst direct denial of everything they believe in will only create confrontation or total distrust in you.

So these are my reasons for not directly opposing the plandemic situation. It can also be viewed as one type of martial arts where you are using the opponent’s strength to win. So you don’t oppose the trend but observe it and wait for favorable moments of action. And when they come, you ride the wave without any effort at all.

Those windows of opportunity will be seen if you observe the situation in a detached way and are patient. If you know astrology, this, of course, helps to spot those windows of opportunity too.

So this is basically my way of dealing with this situation. If you’re still not sure what my take on this is, you may want to watch the video above, where I use more examples to explain my views.