Hospitals are empty, 88% of Italian coronavirus death cases are wrongly classified, Kelly Brogan’s career is destroyed because she was speaking against coronavirus;

A pastor may get up to seven years in jail for saying that this virus is a common flu, another was arrested for holding church services when prayer is really something we all need.. What’s happening?

It’s very important to pay special attention to the CBS news showing a busy Italian hospital yet saying it’s an American one. This clearly shows that they’re trying to portray the USA situation much worse than it is.

The elite wants to paint this situation as incredibly bad when in truth it looks more like a common flu case. Why the elite is trying so desperately to keep people fearing this disease?

There could be several reasons for this. Maybe the vibration of this earth is being raised and those whose vibration is low will not make to the new age. So the elite may be interested to exterminate people by keeping their vibration low.

Another reason for it is so that people panic and demand a vaccine. The vaccine may contain a chip, the mark of the beast feared by Christians.

Many people lost their jobs but they are milked by the medical establishment of their funds for masks and other equipment. There’s a rush to deprive people of their money as much as possible, maybe so that they rely on the government.

Listen to “Why Are They Lying to Us?” on Spreaker.

If I were you, I’d buy land now rather than supporting the corrupt medical establishment. Many people getting into hospitals don’t come out anymore, so I wonder if they’re doing some sort of testing on humans.

What’s most sad to see, however, is that the masses aggressively support the police and the government. They really think that the government cares for them. They will, unfortunately, do everything that the government suggests them and they will fight against those trying to open their minds.

People’s minds go exactly where the news directs them to. Now so many are focused on procuring masks, some spend all their time making them. The news makes the most obedient ones into heroes, featuring women in India making masks or police officers creating a dance to educate people about how to keep their hands clean. The elite must be enjoying this show.

Seeing this situation makes me think what children most of the humanity is. They are happily listening to the self-proclaimed parent – the government. No matter how much the government limits their freedom and steals their money in the form of taxes, they still love it so much.

It makes me doubt whether there will be enough people who could uprise if the situation gets worse, as the masses would rather call you names than allow you to open their minds with alternative possibilities.

At this time, the following picture truly captures how I feel:

… but thankfully I still have some astrology and numerology books to read to keep my mind off the helplessness of humanity.

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