Kelly Brogan, a best-selling author and a holistic women’s health psychiatrist, released a video claiming that coronavirus might not exist. She encouraged her viewers to entertain alternative views as to what’s happening, such as that the 5G technology may be the cause of this pandemic.

Look how the news discredits her 5G claim:

It’s so usual for media outlets to quote “experts” to prove what they’re saying. What experts? The ones working for the elite, paid to stick to the approved line of conversation?

It’s time for us to use our own heads rather than to believe “trusted experts” of the media. I also doubt the existence of coronavirus. I think it could be the common flu, as no significant number of deaths is reported; people aren’t tested extensively for it and if they would be, I’m sure the percentage of deaths would be reduced to around 1%.

People are dying from other causes in much greater numbers all over the world but this issue is so enlarged that it has to serve some sort of agenda. I believe that the news lies about hospitals being full when they are clearly empty so that people panic and take the vaccine with a microchip in it which I’m sure is already invented.

Some German doctors believe that coronavirus is a way to earn profits from a new test; they believe it’s the same old flu discovered by a new test. Only newly-invented tests are profitable.

People who depart from the news-suggested fear-based theory are seen as threats because they are – they may awaken the masses and they would refuse to be locked down, and will refuse to take the chip in the form of a vaccine.

Now some people are actually waiting for the vaccine to be invented. The news reports that there’s a “race” to invent such a vaccine; the whole situation is designed for people to want to take this poison. I believe this vaccine may be mandatory but I’m sure many people will refuse to take it.

I think this lady (Kelly Brogan) was especially targeted because she is quite well known (thus her opinions reach many) and she was exposing not only the possible reasons why the media so much enlarged this topic but also because of the fact that she was talking against the medical establishment. She revealed that in her medical practice she was encouraged to put “cardiorespiratory collapse” on a death certificate if the cause of death wasn’t known.

I’m sure the media will try to totally destroy her reputation – she disclosed too much. I also heard that in Italian hospitals doctors are encouraged to list the cause of death as “coronavirus” no matter what the actual cause is. This, of course, makes it look like Italy is really in the grip of this ghost disease.

Listen to “Speaking Against Coronavirus Gets You Discredited” on Spreaker.

I also agree with Kelly that many people would actually die because of their fear. Some people can talk themselves into unwellness by listening to news and believing that just because they have some flu symptoms they must have coronavirus.

Kelly’s video exposing coronavirus was removed from Facebook after getting 75,000 views. So the internet censorship is indeed taking place, like astrology predicts. Let’s hope this lady remains brave no matter how much fear she is exposed to now. The most important thing for all of us these days is to keep our vibration high.

That being said, after completing all life assessments, I finally have the time to sit down with my long-time purchased book and to meditate on it.

How are you keeping your vibration high?