It’s easy to choose an option, out of two, if one feels lighter or better. But what to do if you have two options that you feel the same towards, or not feel anything at all?

If you don’t feel anything about neither of the options, it means they are not going to change your life for better or worse. If some decision is going to improve your life, you would feel lightness, joy, relief or some other positive emotion when you think about it.

And if a decision is likely to change your life for the worse, you would feel tension, fear, stress, or any other unpleasant emotion. Also, if you make a decision based on your mind and disregard how you feel about it, you’re risking of making the wrong choice.

So, if the choices you have don’t call forth any feelings in you, or they both feel fine, you should choose any of them and stick to the chosen option completely.

Align yourself with it, and don’t change your mind about it unless you understand, along the road, that it’s not good for you. But if you listened to your Self and got no negative emotion when considering it initially, this shouldn’t happen.

Make the most of the decision you’ve made by not wavering once you’ve made a choice, so that you establish a strong supportive vibration and everything goes well on a path you’ve chosen.

This advice came in handy to me recently. I’ve decided to go to Sri Lanka as I miss the beaches there, but after I booked the travel, contrary thoughts started entering my mind.

A visit to Amritsar, the home of the Golden Temple, started tempting me. I was also thinking whether to extend my stay in Kolkata, as there’s so much to see in that place. And then Madhya Pradesh, a place not much explored by tourists, has so many old monuments which I’ve never seen before, and I feel called to see them.

But the journey was already booked, so I decided not to change my mind and not to waste money. Instead, I chose to totally enjoy my stay in Sri Lanka, and use this time alone to really center myself, as it’s been a while I was with my own self.

After all, it’s not that I’m going to miss out on all those places in India if I stick to my decision. I can always see them later, when my travel to Sri Lanka ends.

So once all this was worked out in my mind, I was offering no contrary vibrations. There was clarity, relief and peace, as well as a sense of adventure and journey for the path I’ve chosen. I’ve decided to get the most out of my stay in Sri Lanka.

It’s been only one day at my beach homestay here (in Sri Lanka), and I’ve already come in touch with helpful and friendly people, got to enjoy the tasty cuisine of this island, and saw some beautiful beaches.

I’ve gotten a great sleep after a very long bus journey to the beach, and at night (since now I’m rested and it’s the evening) I’ll have time to meditate and write. It’s nice again to spend time on my own, after months of being with my husband and also a month with my mother. And what’s a better place to stay with yourself than on a beautiful beach with coconut trees and other tropical plants.

So once I made a choice to stick with my decision to visit Sri Lanka, the contrary vibrations were gone, there was relief, and I’m now free to center all my energy on my present experience of being on this beautiful tropical island:

It’s always better to make a choice as soon as possible, than staying in the contrary vibration of doubt, which stresses you out and exhausts you. It’s like you’re against your own self, when you divide yourself in such a way.

So if both options feel totally valid and give you the same emotions or the lack of them, stick to one of them, and don’t waver after the choice.

Make the most of out of it, align with it totally, so that you get the greatest benefit out of the path you have chosen.

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