My recent client inspired me to provide a new astrological service which I named “Life Forecast” service.

It’s the service of looking at likely future events from your astrology transit chart. For this service I need your date, time and city of birth, together with your current city.

The reason I decided to offer this new service is that in Life Assessments I only focus a little on transits (life forecast) whilst some people are particularly interested in those.

During this uncertain time many people do not know what the future holds for them. Astrology can surely help – events are already arranged for you, and if you know what to expect you can prepare.

This service is slightly more expensive than Life Assessments because there’s much more work involved – I need to check charts for different days to see when particular planetary influences start and end to give you the dates of the duration of predicted events.

I offer single and ongoing Life Forecast services.

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