Personal Update

Today it’s raining all day so I stayed a long time in a restaurant watching beautiful weather.

I have only two weeks left in India, then I’m going to London, and shortly after – back to my home country Lithuania.

I missed Lithuanian dairy food a lot – we have so many yogurts, cheeses and all sorts of dairy foodstuffs to choose from. India, on the other hand, is famous for its curries which I eat here every day. 

I missed Lithuanian clothing too – in India it’s very hard to find nice-quality clothes unless in a major city. That’s why you see me wearing the same clothes all the time! And they’re not even my taste anyway. So I’m looking forward to wearing the clothing that I left in my hut in Lithuania. 

I absolutely love frequenting Lithuanian second-hand clothing shops that are full of the most beautiful pieces from all over Europe. There I tend to find clothing that’s of much better quality than what’s available in high-street shops, not to say for a fraction of price. 

I also missed the peace and stillness of the area where I purchased the land, I missed my bicycle, and long forest rides to the nearby city to stock up on necessities.

I think I’m going to stay in Lithuania for six months again (like I did last time), but I may need to rent a place in winter in the city, because I may not have enough time or funds to fully insulate my purchased hut. Winters in Lithuania are extremely cold so housing must be properly prepared for harsh winter weather. So we will see.


I was actually writing a Facebook update and then it grew into this post; so since I’m talking about personal matters, here are some more things to update you about. 

I’m not sure if you know, but a few days ago I died my hair with henna. I mention this in this Facebook update, and now my profile photo everywhere features me with the new hair color as well. 

From the above picture you can see that my hair ends got darker now – this herb tends to get darker after around 48 hours of dying.

I should also mention that I got accepted into several Medium publications, so soon you may be seeing my content there (but I will always publish a free link to it on my social accounts).

I hope you will read and clap my posts, (you can follow me on Medium here) as that can make the post seen by more people, which means more funds to finally start establishing the mindfulness center on my land about which I write here.

What’s more, you may also be soon seeing my new logo, because I purchased Photoshop so I will be experimenting with that. 

Finally, I will also change the website theme soon, because today I purchased another premium blog theme. I like the current one but it does look outdated, so this was bugging me for quite some time.

I hope I will hear your feedback once I post logo and theme versions on my social accounts. 

Thanks for reading and do comment if you have anything to add or ask!

Take care,

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