There’s so much research that needs to be done about how hormones work and how the thyroid gland affects the body, as well as the reasons of thyroid disorders. Unfortunately, doctors don’t try to find the cause of thyroid problems in patients but suppress the symptoms with medication.

Therefore, we need to research the causes and natural treatments ourselves. I hope that this article of my personal research will help you to understand hormone imbalances and thyroid problems better, especially hyperthyroidism.

How I detected my thyroid problem

I was researching female hormones and one day I came across information about how female hormone levels fall when women enter perimenopause.

To my surprise, it’s the progesterone that falls first, and only when women enter the actual menopause, it’s the estrogen that starts falling.

So women who enter perimenopause experience problems because there’s imbalance of hormones due to the falling progesterone, whilst estrogen production only gets slightly reduced. Estrogen starts becoming dominant, leading to health problems.

I’ve found this chart on Google Images and you can see similar charts with the same results if you search for hormone changes during perimenopause and menopause.

I’m experiencing estrogen rather than progesterone deficiency, so this made me think of other possible reasons for my hormone deficiency rather than perimenopause. After all, it’s rare for women to enter it so early (I’m 33).

I knew that thyroid problems are hormonal and that I had a somewhat enlarged thyroid since birth.

I was born four months after the Chernobyl disaster. My mother was afraid that I may be born with some bodily deformity as a result of radiation, but my body was fine except for a somewhat enlarged thyroid.

It never caused me any problems but after the age of 30 I started experiencing the dryness of skin around my eyes, dry eyes and dry throat. I attributed that to estrogen deficiency which is partly the cause (because my symptoms got relieved when I started taking estrogen). But I knew that the symptoms of thyroid imbalances are very similar so I decided to check my thyroid hormone levels.

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I got my blood test done in a local lab recommended by the people that I know here in Kerala. That was such an excellent place and when I told them that I never visit doctors and I don’t even remember when I got my blood taken last time, they were so careful that I hardly felt anything when they took my blood.

Test results were ready after three hours. The total cost was $3.50 (£2.68). By the way, if you are my regular client and you need some sort of similar testing or dental work, and you come to Kerala (India) when I’m here, I will direct you to the right places and you will save a fortune.

So here are my test results:

Click on the image to view it enlarged.

These results mean that I have subclinical thyrotoxicosis which is likely to be subclinical hyperthyroidism.

In the subclinical thyrotoxicosis case the T3 and T4 levels are normal yet TSH is very low:

Here’s some more information that can help to identify exactly what imbalance you have. I did not get my free T3 and T4 levels checked but it’s pretty certain I have subclinical hyperthyroidism.

Source. I recommend reading the whole article written with much more care for the human well-being than most medical articles.

Just because TSH is low doesn’t mean you have subclinical hyperthyroidism. You need to check your T3 and T4 levels to determine what’s the problem, and here’s a very useful chart that can point you in the right direction:

A chart taken from

Subclinical thyrotixicosis is associated with abnormal heart beat which I had as a child but the situation got better with years, to the extent that now I no longer feel any irregularities.

Usually people with this disease don’t feel any symptoms at all, but there’s a 21% chance of a heart problem as well as an increased chance of osteoporosis later in life and that’s why it’s important to treat this imbalance.

Unfortunately, this condition, though detected in childhood, was treated in the wrong way. I was told to get more iodine, which isn’t the way to treat hyperthyroidism as it’s often caused by too much iodine. So maybe if as a child I would be given the right treatment, I would not have this problem.

Most people with thyroid problems have Hypothyroidism. There’s very little information about how to treat Hyperthyroidism except for three barbarous medical treatments which are:

  • To suppress the body’s immune system through medication (which is a very irresponsible thing to do, leaving the body open to any kind of infection or disease).
  • To ingest toxic iodine which the thyroid gland will readily absorb and get destroyed.
  • To cut out the gland.

Reading such medical ways of dealing with this problem makes me think we are still in the Middle Ages.

I had to research so much about this problem to discover how to treat it. I don’t even know if I can affect my thyroid for the better as I got this problem when I was in my mother’s womb. But I will try to.

Basically, there are several causes of why people get it. Here they are:

  • Being exposed to radiation.
  • Grave’s disease (bulging eyes and orange skin).
  • Any other autoimmune disease (because this causes the body to produce thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin which causes the gland to produce too much thyroid hormone).
  • Toxic nodular or multinodular goiter (lumps in the thyroid gland which cause the gland to produce too much of its hormone).
  • Thyroiditis (thyroid gland inflammation) – this is usually temporary.
  • Consumption of too much iodine.
  • Overmedication for hypothyroidism which causes the opposite imbalance.
  • Pregnancy or the first year of giving birth may imbalance the thyroid causing this disease.

Thyroid affects every single cell in the body so if it doesn’t function properly, problems will manifest. It’s suspected that there’s a strong link between the thyroid function and estrogen but very little so far is known.

Thyroid problems and female hormone fluctuations have many identical symptoms so it’s easy to confuse the two. I’ve found that the use of estrogen alleviated my dry throat and eye problems but since now I know I’m not addressing the root cause, I know that this wouldn’t solve the issue.

Also, estrogen can reduce the TSH levels because it stimulates the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone which decreases TSH. So this seems to be the case for me. Yes, this hormone helped to relieve the symptoms, but it could also be responsible for a very low TSH level. So now I will discontinue the use of estrogen and see if it makes any difference in the levels of TSH.

The spiritual cause of thyroid problems

Hypothyroidism is basically the lack of energy whilst hyperthyroidism – its excess. This problem is found in the throat chakra and is much more common in women than men.

Also, hypothyroidism is much more common than hyperthyroidism. Which totally aligns with what are considered the spiritual causes of these imbalances.

But first, the statistics:

Hyperthyroidism prevalence statistics.
Hypothyroidism prevalence statistics.

Hypothyroidism is quite common in women because women’s self-expression and speech were suppressed by men for ages. So many women even today find it difficult to really express what they want.

For example, they may have children because the husband or the society expect them to. They may try to please their partners without getting pleasure themselves. And this inability to express their desires in words causes the stagnant throat chakra which manifests as hypothyroidism.

It’s also related to delays and not taking action. It can mean that these people dream more about doing something than acting on their ideas. They may keep putting off something that they should do.

Now the hyperthyroidism spiritual cause is the opposite. It’s the over-developed will. Yes, that’s an extreme too. We should walk the middle-path.

So one cause of hyperthyroidism is over-expressing yourself to the degree that you listen only to your own self, not paying attention to what others want from you or what even the Universe wants from you.

Another spiritual cause of hyperthyroidism is taking action too fast, without any planning. I know this is true. This is my problem. My energy is not tamed.

As soon as I get an inspiration to make a video, I do, without any planning. But having learnt the spiritual cause of this problem, instead of jumping to make a video about it, I organized the obtained information as much as I could and wrote everything down in a manner as consistent as possible.

What happened then really surprised me. Straight away a large energy chunk was gone, which is what is balancing the hyperthyroidism. That excess energy makes it very difficult to fall asleep, and now I know that this is caused by the undirected, untamed energy, by doing things fast, without any planning or organizing.

My plan of action

I have no idea if my treatment will affect the thyroid as I had this problem since birth, but since now I feel some of the negative effects of this condition, I will do all I can to make it better.

I’m going to reduce the iodine intake as much as possible, because hyperthyroidism usually indicates that one consumes excess of iodine.

This means saying largely goodbye to my beloved dairy items (as commercial dairy items contain a lot of iodine – a glass of milk contains excess of daily iodine dose, for example).

If I’m in my hut in Lithuania, I will be able to freely consume dairy as I get these products from my neighbors whose cattle aren’t consuming large doses of iodine.

I’m going to eat mainly beef, egg whites and some fish to balance the omega 6:3 ratio. In many cases thyroid problems start manifesting due to some autoimmune disease and to manage that it’s good to balance the omega 6:3 ratio (by eating fish or getting cod liver oil).

An important thing to keep in mind is that thyroid support supplements aren’t suitable for this condition as we don’t want to stimulate the thyroid – it’s already overstimulated. Thyroid yoga poses also simply stimulate the gland which is great for hypothyroidism but a no to hyperthyroidism.

I researched about the cause of low TSH production and since this hormone is produced by the pituitary gland but also the hypothalamus is involved, I would rather stimulate these two through acupressure.

I’m also going to avoid inflammation-causing factors as inflammation is a sign of some autoimmune disease and it’s very common in people with thyroid problems. So to reduce inflammation, I will abstain as much as possible from consuming carbs and sugars, I will try to ground myself by keeping bare feet on the earth as this greatly reduces bodily inflammation.

Since I’m traveling in India at the moment, I cannot eat the diet perfect for hyperthyroidism. For example, restaurants use iodized salt so sometimes I’ll have to consume iodized foods. But I’ll try to reduce the foods high in iodine as much as possible.

Most importantly, I’m going to try to reduce the power of my will, by considering the outside feedback more as well as praying more to be always guided by the Universe. I will also try to manage my energy by not simply jumping to do something when there’s inspiration to, but by managing my energy and taking action when it’s properly planned.

I will also discontinue the HRT because although estrogen relieves my symptoms, it doesn’t address the root cause. I’m really hoping to solve this root cause because then I won’t need any external hormone use for as long as my periods are normal.

So after around 3 months I will do another blood test. It’s so against my nature to have anything to do with the medical establishment, but since there’s no way of myself knowing the levels of TSH, I will have to use the medical establishment to monitor it.

I also highly advise anyone suffering from hormone-related issues to do a thyroid blood test, especially if you’re a younger woman who has perimenopause symptoms. There’s then a further test that you can do, which determines if the thyroid malfunctions due to radiation exposure, inflammation or anything else.

I want to do this test also, but firstly I will need to figure out where such a lab is located in India, and I would only do this with ultrasound as I want nothing to do with any x-ray scan.

I will update you on this I guess after around three months.

Another good article not referenced in this post can be accessed here as a pdf.