I’ve recently found out some really important information about hormone supplements which every woman using hormones should know.

I’ve been using hormones for several months now, since my stay in Spain. Using estrogen eliminated my dry eyes problem and dry throat.

I’ve found out that I’m on bio-identical hormones, because I use Estradiol (Estradiol and Estriol are bio-identical).

I thought I wasn’t on bio-identical ones as it’s told they are given only with prescription, but in Spain I was given them over-the-counter. That’s why I assumed those were not bio-identical.

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Bio-identical hormones are good to use as the body thinks they are its own hormones. However, a better alternative is plant-based estrogen, such as the one derived from the red clover. The soy-based one isn’t as good as it may cause thyroid malfunction.

According to Barbara Hoffman, a long-time researcher of hormones, plant-based estrogen is going to be used by the body only if it needs it; so this won’t result in any excess. Whilst bio-identical ones would be used by the body even if it has a surplus of estrogen, which can cause illnesses of many sorts.

She claims that most women have too much estrogen already, so the best thing to do is to firstly get on progesterone for three months, and if the issues don’t go away, only then use estrogen.

Progesterone can encourage the production of estrogen, so that’s why firstly this hormone should be introduced to see if it eliminates estrogen-deficiency symptoms. It also regulates the production of other hormones, so it’s an important one to have a normal dose of.

According to another important research document, many women living in the US who are over 35 years old produce low doses of progesterone though their periods continue. This can make them unable to have children or can cause miscarriage (the miscarriage part is from my general knowledge and I don’t think it’s referenced in the paper; because progesterone is responsible for proper baby support whilst in the womb).

Women who can’t seem to get rid of belly fat may suffer from the lack of progesterone too, and the surplus of estrogen. Taking sufficient amounts of progesterone should solve this issue as this hormone increases metabolism. It also solves low libido issues which are caused by the surplus of estrogen (called “estrogen dominance”).

So what I’m going to try is this. Since I’ve found out that plant-based estrogen (phytoestrogen) is better than bio-identical, I’m going to use this if I need estrogen. But at first I will try using progesterone alone to see if my problems are solved by it (dry eyes, dry throat, drier skin around eyes).

I’ve already tested getting off estrogen but when I do that, my dry eyes problem returns, and my throat becomes dry too. But I will try her suggestion to see if this other hormone can solve the issue. That would be better, of course, because then I won’t need to use two hormones but only one.

Another important thing that I’ve found out was that I was on a synthetic progesterone which isn’t good for the body. Synthetic progesterone is called “progestin”, but can hide under other names depending on its type, such as the one I was using – medroxyprogesterone.

Barbara Hoffman says that the reason synthetic hormones are made is because drug companies can patent the altered molecules to make the most money. So they don’t care that it harms the body as the body doesn’t recognize it as a natural hormone – they just care about making the most profit.

Synthetic progesterone is not recognized by the body as its own and thus its introduction can produce negative side effects and illnesses. Birth-control pills, according to Barbara Hoffman, use synthetic estrogen and progestin. Most doctors would never prescribe natural progesterone as the drug industry doesn’t profit from these as much, never mind the natural one doesn’t have negative side effects.

The alternative to that is again plant-based natural progesterone. I’ve already ordered my one, in a cream form, on Amazon (this is the one that I’ve ordered).

Progesterone cream can also be used on face if you have dry skin that was caused by low hormones. But firstly check with the company if the particular cream you have is safe for facial skin.

If you decide to go for a natural progesterone cream, just make sure it’s not soy-based. One species of wild yam has progesterone, so you may find a progesterone cream based on this vegetable.

Barbara Hoffman tells that it’s best to use hormones as patches or in a cream form so that digestion is bypassed and the hormone goes directly into the bloodstream. Because if it’s digested, a part of the hormone will be lost during the process, and it tires the digestive system so it’s best to apply it directly on the skin.

Also, hormone blood tests are not reliable and you need to look more at the ratio rather than the amount, according to this researcher. I’ve also heard that most hospitals conduct unreliable blood tests.

So I think I added all the new information I’ve found out about hormones to this article, and if you have experience in using these hormones and would like to add more information about this subject, please do so in the comments.