When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the twelfth house, this makes this house stronger, for good or bad.

If the ruler of this house is a benefic and is not afflicted, it can show that you have a strong spiritual nature, or a strong connection to the past. You might be, for example, fascinated with how people lived in ancient days.

Also, this astrological configuration lays emphasis on your past lives – you might be continuing the work or any other line of action that you followed in your past lives.

With an unafflicted position, you may be drawn to remote places, to the places that are secluded from others, like ashrams, monasteries, and the like. You might be drawn to spending time with large animals, such as horses.

You may help those who are poor or in distress. You might help not only the people but animals in difficult conditions. There is a strong compassionate side of you, so you might dedicate some of your time to charitable work.

You may also like solitude, and you might find that staying alone recharges you and makes you understand yourself better. There could also be a need to spend time near large water bodies, especially the sea.

When this combination is afflicted, you may still be drawn to the mentioned things and activities, but they can cause you to feel isolated, and they can give you other problems, such as you getting sick, or even worse.

So if this combination is afflicted, and especially if it’s ruled by a malefic, it’s wise to avoid secluded and remote places. Staying with large animals also poses dangers, such as being injured by them.

You may be drawn to help those who are in distress, but such help can backfire. Also, water can pose danger, such as you being at risk of drowning.

Also, with a combination as such, it’s wise to avoid hospitals, medicines, and anything to do with the medical field, as this combination may show that you can, for example, badly react to some medicine, or doctors can make mistakes about your treatment.

So the best way to avoid the medical establishment is to use preventative methods so that the disease doesn’t arise in the first place, or to heal yourself naturally as much as you can.

This afflicted placement can show lots of bad past life karma which makes you suffer in this life, and that you can’t escape the reaping of what you’ve sown before, but you have a choice not to create further karmic debts.

It shows strong secret enemies that may also be tied to your past life. For example, in this life you did nothing bad to them, but they try to harm you because they are driven by the events of your past life together.

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