When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the seventh house, this means that your other half may be a private person who likes to spend time alone. They may have a healing ability, and they may be interested in medicine or alternative healing methods. They may work with large animals or like them, such as horses, asses and elephants.

If this placement is afflicted, it means that romantic long-term unions can bring many disadvantages to you, and can cause your undoing. The partners that you attract could be dishonest, addicts, and maybe even criminal.

They might have chronic health problems and they may feel lonely or lacking freedom. They may have served jail sentences or been secluded from the society in other ways, such as living in remote places or helping in ashrams and monasteries.

It is told that there is a way to escape such a bad relationship fate, and that’s by a marriage to an object such as a plant. It is then told that the ninth house would show the second marriage partner, though the seventh house of marriage will always have some effect.

The true way to escape such a fate is by accepting the karma that you have accumulated in past lives and not fighting it; if you accept to reap what you have sown in your past lives, and do not create the causes for further troubles, with time, your life should definitely get brighter, unless there are so many debts to repay that only in future lives you’ll see more sunshine.

The ruler of the twelfth house in the seventh house also shows difficult enemies who can use hidden means and dishonest tactics to bring you down. If the ruler of the twelfth house is targeting your ascendant, this means that you should definitely avoid confrontations with your enemies and do all you can to resolve difficulties without anger.

Also, if the lord of the twelfth house targets your ascendant, you should also avoid riding animals such as horses, because it can cause injuries. If the ruler of the twelfth house doesn’t target your ascendant, it’s safer to do such activities, but only if there are no afflictions in this combination. Then, the strong connection to certain large animals that you feel could be therapeutic and can bring you much happiness.

This placement may also mean that you have little time on your own, or that maybe you don’t even want to spend time on your own. Your private time may be spent with your other half or some other close person.

The afflicted combination can show your enemies taking you to court, and many problems arising because of lawsuits. So with such a combination, it’s best to do all you can not to involve yourself with the legal system but to settle disputes out of court.

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