When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the ninth house, this has several meanings.

It can show that long-distance travels can bring you difficulties and limitations. If this combination is afflicted, it can even show the loss of your freedom (such as because of imprisonment) while you travel, or getting sick during long-distance travels.

Another meaning of this placement is that if you would happen to live in a country that is very distant from your place of birth, you might feel isolated there, or you may live in some kind of remote, inaccessible place. You may feel you can’t do the activities that you want to do whilst living there.

It could also mean that you might learn or teach others about diseases, spirituality, ages past, or about something artistic or imaginative. It could mean teaching those who are sick, distressed, unfortunate or incapacitated. You may be prompted to teach others about the things that you know out of the feeling of compassion for them.

The ruler of the twelfth house in the ninth house can show that you may get visions of your past lives or of the remote past of this world, and that your spiritual beliefs can be based on the old religions of the world. Alternatively, your beliefs could be based on the religions which still exist today, but you will be interested in their ancient origins.

This placement could also show that your morals and beliefs more reflect the past ages than what’s happening in the world today.

If this combination is afflicted, it could be dangerous to travel long-distance, and it would not be advisable for you to move to live on another continent. Also, if this combination is afflicted, it can show that you live by the principles based on the past which are not true or no longer suit the current ways of life, and, therefore, hinder you.

If this combination is afflicted, interactions with religious people, especially those representing certain religious establishments, can cause hindrances and other problems in your life. Some of them might even be your secret opponents, plotting your downfall.

If this combination is not afflicted, you will find that traveling to long-distance countries may help you recall your past lives and it can help you spiritually advance. It can also tie you closer to the past (such as to your previous lives or the ancient history of the world or some part of it), and the effect of this could be good or bad.

This placement can also show that you may write or publish books about spirituality, diseases, past lives, or things ancient. It may show that it’s natural for you to teach people about spirituality, medical topics, past lives, or antiquity.

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