When the ruler of the twelfth house is in the eleventh house, this means that your friends may be secretive individuals. They may like to be alone, maybe traveling to remote places or isolating themselves when they need to relax and recharge.

Your friends might hold occupations in artistic or medical fields. They might work in the places harder to access or remote, such as hospitals, ashrams, research labs, or prisons. They might do some charitable work or work in charities.

Alternatively, they may be spiritual people or they might hold religious or spiritual occupations.

With an afflicted combination, this shows deceptive friends who can cause you many problems, even your undoing. Some friends you know are not who they tell you to be.

This astrological configuration could show friends who are addicts, those who served prison sentences or were hospitalized for longer periods of time.

They might drag you into doing things which can cause your own freedom to be limited. In the worst case, it could show friends causing a bodily injury or causing your life to be in danger.

This placement sometimes shows that your friends are those whom you knew well in your past lives, and that the reason you met them in this life is so that you resolve any remaining karma.

Also, meeting certain people who become your friends can cause you to remember your past life details, or it may cause you to repeat past life mistakes or cycles.

The ruler of the twelfth house in the eleventh house can also show that you might be attached to large animals, such as horses, and you might consider them to be your friends.

This placement may also suggest that some of your goals in life could have something to do with spirituality, the past (such as remembering your past lives), things ancient and historical, and the sea (such as going on holiday to some beach site or living near the sea).

One of your goals in life could be to make yourself freer and more independent, to spiritually advance, to be more creative, or to have an artistic occupation.

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