When the ruler of the tenth house is in the tenth house, this makes this house very strong, giving several meanings.

It could mean that the career and public image will be the most important things in your life. This will make you try to achieve success from early on, which can result in much achievement even in the young age, but this also depends on whether the rest of the chart is good.

It also means that the public perception is very important for you, so you may take action based on the expectations of the public. For example, the choices that you make may be based on not so much your preference but on how you are perceived by others.

Some people wear branded clothes to be seen as well-off; some drive particular cars so that they are more respected by others. Some even go for the positions that are considered respectable, such as those of being a doctor or a lawyer, rather than the positions they would themselves prefer.

So although this placement, especially if not afflicted, can give a great standing in life, early success, and respect by the public, it could be that you’re living a life that is not something you want for yourself, but which is approved of by the public.

Also, too much focus on the public perception of you as well as your career can deprive you of your spiritual depth and make the personality shallow. So this is something to guard against.

This placement also shows that one of your parents, likely to be a father, may be a significant figure. They may be well known in their field or in their community. They may be role-models, people who command respect, especially if this placement is in a good condition.

If it’s afflicted, it could be that your parent, likely to be a father, will have a fated life and will not have much personal freedom to act, but will be as though helplessly led by life events.

This placement, if not afflicted, shows that you are very likely to be known in your field, and you may even achieve worldwide renown. But if this combination is afflicted, especially if we find afflicted Mars, Pluto or Saturn there, it means that you may at first achieve big success, but then you’ll take some action that will cause a fall, and it could be very difficult to regain what you’ve lost.

So if you have an afflicted placement as such, never take your success for granted, and do not take unthoughtful actions that may sabotage your success.