When the ruler of the tenth house is in the sixth house, this means that you could make a career out of your everyday activities, such as blogging about your daily routines, sharing the recipes of your meals on your website, or teaching people your healthy eating or exercise routines, for example.

Also, this placement suggests that you could become a doctor, or thrive in a health field. You probably are a structured person who can teach others how to organize their day and activities.

You’re likely to be in the habit of making plans and following thorough routines. You may have this habit as an inherited trait, because you want to maintain your health, or to heal from poor health.

Also, with an afflicted combination, you may be too obsessed with routines and fad diets, which can end up making your health worse, especially if you follow trendy routines and diets but don’t listen to the specific needs of your body.

Since you are an organized person, you can do well working for yourself, especially from home. For example, you may be an excellent personal assistant because of your organization skills.

You can also thrive in the activities which require much attention to detail, and you can be a good critic because of your objectivity. However, in relationships, this great attention to detail and a critical eye may not be that helpful, as generally people don’t like when their mistakes are pointed out.

You are likely to enjoy organizing and tidying spaces, so you may also choose to clean or organize the spaces of others for a pay. As a rule, this kind of placement shows working in the health or service sector, doing the job that requires much organization, or working for other people.

With the ruler of the tenth house in the sixth house, you need to be careful about your health. You should always prevent any illnesses, as if they get hold of you, they can strongly feature in your life and even others may talk about them, making them difficult to overcome.

With an afflicted combination as such, some natives start defining their lives by their health problems, and spend a great deal of energy discussing their illnesses with others and forming their lives according to their health issues.

With an afflicted combination, it can show a loss of career because of poor health. But even then, the situation can be turned to your advantage, because you can make a career out of sharing with people your steps towards healing, what worked for you, and what didn’t.