When the ruler of the tenth house is in the seventh house, this means that your other half may be a distinguished person. Your partner may rise early in their career, and their talents may be noticed even in their childhood or teenage years.

It could be that your other half is a person who others look up to and consider reliable and honorable. It’s very likely that they have a good employment and will continue being promoted. They are likely to do well in a corporate field, in the work with real estate and lands, as well as following the traditional lines of employment or business.

This placement can also mean that your other half has similar qualities to one of your parents, likely to be your father. Your partner probably gives sound advice, and they keep their word.

The ruler of the tenth house in the seventh house also shows that forming partnerships is beneficial for you, as this can help you in your career and it can make you more known. Through partnerships, you learn a lot about life, how to succeed in your career, and how to be in the public eye.

This placement may also show that you will form a business partnership with a person who is already at the top of his or her career, or who is a distinguished, honorable, and reliable person.

Your other half may be very much focused on the career and public image. They will take actions which will further their career goals and will avoid any controversies which could make their public image suffer.

This kind of astrological configuration could also mean that your public opponents may be difficult to deal with, as they may be influential and well-known. So that your public image and career don’t suffer, it’s best not to get involved in any disagreements with such people.

This placement can mean that marriage will bring more worldly success and fame to you, and that it can help you with your career and the public perception of you. The way that you are treated at work and by your acquaintances will change for the better after marriage and also this could happen after forming some sort of business partnership.

In general, if this combination is not afflicted, forming close connections will benefit you (especially when it comes to your career and public image). Whist if the combination is afflicted, forming such connections will get you noticed and will give more career opportunities, but you’ll need to handle these blessings with great care so that you don’t sabotage the new-found success.