When the ruler of the tenth house is in the ninth house, this means that your work can have something to do with travels, other cultures, international matters, the law, publishing, or spirituality.

Here are some possible occupations with such a placement: a travel vlogger, interpreter, legal advisor, ashram volunteer, or spiritual teacher. A career that is in some scientific field is also suitable, as well as a professional pursuit of philosophy.

Your career will make you grow mentally and spiritually. Also, you will find that your career brings blessings into many areas of your life, especially if this combination is in a good condition.

If this combination is not afflicted, your friends will probably consider your career to be envied. It’s likely that your work will expose you to various experiences, causing you to grow in wisdom with years.

With such a placement, pursuing long-distance travels, international matters, being involved with other cultures, religion, spirituality, the law, publishing and scientific matters will bring you more into the public light and may cause public honors, even if those pursuits have nothing to do with your career.

So, for example, traveling long-distance may get you in touch with important people who will help you in your career and you will start being more recognized in your field as a result.

This placement also shows that you are a natural teacher and you can pursue teaching as a career, especially in a higher education institution. The ruler of the tenth house in the ninth house also shows that you are not only an excellent teacher but a great student, and this student side of you will especially manifest in your professional work and in your public life.

You will achieve career success if you follow intuition and trust the Divine. Also, even if you are not spiritual, it’s likely that with years, because of your career, you will start believing in the divine aspect of this universe.

This placement also shows that your employment is divinely fated. Some people have total freedom to select the job they want in this life, but others have to do what’s arranged for them. You will probably have the feeling that you were destined to have some particular career.

Also, if you’re still not established in your career, you will be divinely led to the right career for you. Circumstances will so arrange themselves that you will be directed to the right path, whether or not you take much action.

Finally, this placement may show that one of your parents, likely to be a father, may be spiritually or scientifically minded, may be involved in the legal or publishing sectors, and may have the talent in teaching.