When the ruler of the tenth house is in the eleventh house, this means that your friends may help you in your career. Some of your friends may be authority figures and good role-models, therefore their advice can really help you in life.

Your friends can help you not only with your career, but to better your public image, and they may aid you in adjusting your character to become more liked or appreciated by the public.

They may also advise you on how to improve your appearance. They may, for example, suggest a different way of dressing so that you are perceived in a better light by the public.

Your friends may hold important positions and they may be the people that others look up to. They may be reliable, organized, and trustworthy. You may find that you can rely on them even in the times of your biggest trouble – your friends will be the ones to inspire and sustain you when the going gets tough.

This placement sometimes gives older friends, or those who are more mature than their peers.

The danger here is to start envying the success they achieved. They are there in your life so that you can learn from them and so that they can guide you to achieve your own success. If you allow only the feelings of appreciation to flow towards them, you will easily take in the positive qualities they radiate.

So you should not compete with them, nor should you wish you had what they have, but you ideally should be grateful for these friendships and you should open up to their positive influences.

The ruler of the tenth house in the eleventh house also means that many of your life’s goals will be to do with your career and public image. For example, your aim in life may be to work in a certain profession, to achieve career heights, or to be seen as an individual who has achieved a great deal and is seen as a role-model.

In general, many of your desires can be something to do with the material world and public life.

The other meaning of this placement is that your regular income will increase if you focus on the public life and your career. The more work you put in, the more you will earn.

This may sound obvious, but this is not always the case. In some charts, focusing on total relaxation makes you more productive and in the end makes you earn more. In other charts, it’s focusing on a harmonious family life that will positively reflect into the career. Yet in others, it’s the focus on health and routines that assure career success.

However, for you, the focus should be on maintaining a good public image and never taking your career for granted. You should always stay sharp in it which will guarantee the increase of income. Also, focusing on maintaining close connections with your friends will accomplish the same.