When the ruler of the sixth house is in the twelfth house, this connects the two negative houses of astrology, producing several meanings.

It can show that your secret opponents make you directly or indirectly sick. It can also mean that private work and being alone most of the time isn’t suitable for you and can cause ill-health.

On a more positive note, this placement can mean that you work on your own, and the location you work in may be remote or somehow not accessible to most people. Such work could be in an ashram, monastery, prison, research lab, or a hospital.

With such a placement, it’s very important to take care of your health, because the illness can become chronic, even requiring you to be kept away from the society, such as spending a long time in a hospital.

The ruler of the sixth house in the twelfth house can also suggest that the people working under you may be secret opponents, or they may become your secret enemies after you hire them.

It’s dangerous to hire the domestic staff or other staff with an afflicted placement as such, because it can also mean that your freedom can be taken away through the people working under you, such as because of imprisonment, for example.

Also, they may create the situation where you have nowhere to escape from them, such as binding you legally in some way, where they can remain working for you even though you’d rather be free from such help.

If the combination is afflicted, it’s not recommended for you to own pets, as they may be troublesome. There could also be the worsening of your health or injuries because of large animals.

This placement can mean that your habits and routines are harmful to you, and lead to your undoing. Routines can develop into obsessions, so when you form habits, do it carefully, and only if you see that such a lifestyle benefits you.

A more positive meaning of this placement is that you prefer not to reveal your routine or what you do daily to others, and you like to engage in such matters when no one is around.