When the ruler of the sixth house is in the tenth house, this can have several meanings.

You may have a medical or health career. Your job may be that of a healthy cook (such as making vegan or vegetarian dishes), a personal trainer, a doctor, or a healer. Also, the profession of a personal assistant suits you.

Another meaning of this placement is that your health is visible to others. You may be known for your health or the lack of it, or you may be known as a person taking regular action to maintain your health and having healthy habits.

The people working under you, such as domestic staff, could be the people of high standing in life or big achievements, but for some reason, they temporarily or permanently need to do such a job.

This placement can show that health is in focus for one of your parents, likely to be your father. Again, this could be because he is interested in health, or because he is plagued by chronic illnesses.

The ruler of the sixth house in the tenth house shows that when you are in the public, your habits, health or the lack of it will come to the forefront.

Also, you may become known for the knowledge that you hold about health and well-being, illnesses, or the medical field. These kinds of topics, if you associate yourself with them, can make you more visible and famous.

If the combination is afflicted, this can show that a career fall may happen because of some sickness, or that after a career fall, your health will get worse.

Also, striving to gain more work success or to be more famous can put your health at risk. You should, therefore, always find the time to rest, not to be stressed out daily or consumed by the need to rise higher in life.

This placement can show an early interest in the topics already mentioned, such as health, medicine, cooking, or being a personal assistant. If it’s afflicted, it can show early worsening of health. To prevent any health issues, always take action to remedy any beginning of disharmony in the body.

This placement can mean choosing the work that is repetitive – which involves daily routines that change little. Also, it reveals that it could be difficult to disentangle from your work even during your free time.