When the ruler of the sixth house is in the fourth house, this may show several likely possibilities about your parents.

For example, it can show that one or both of them worked in the medical or health fields, or maybe they were focused on their health, especially paying attention to the food they ate and keeping their bodies healthy through exercise.

It could also mean that your parents, or one of them, suffered from health problems, and they could have been sickly from their childhood.

In your family home, there may have been an emphasis on health, medicine, or disease. And since you are from this family, you, too, may be interested in such topics, or they may be unavoidable in your life.

This placement can show inherited illnesses, and inherited inclinations to pursue a career in the health or medical sector. Also, it can show the inherited need to be of service.

In your family and your own life, employment can strongly feature, such as you not only working a lot, but talking about your work in your free time, or doing extra hours at work.

Your parents may have been focused on routines, and this could have given you a stable upbringing. However, this can only be judged by an unafflicted configuration, and other astrological factors would need to be checked to really know.

However, an afflicted configuration would cause the opposite results. The house would be messy, and parents – untidy, though they may be very productive at work.

The domestic organization or its opposite is likely to be reflected in how you take care of your home. Of course, if your parents lived in a mess and you spiritually grow to recognize the same patterns in you, this is possible to change.

This placement sometimes shows that you come from a family of people who worked under others rather than having their own businesses. Or they may have been self-employed in health or medical fields.

So unless other astrological factors oppose this, it could be hard for you too to become your own boss, unless this is done in the health, medical fields, or also in the food sector.

This placement, especially if afflicted, doesn’t favor the employment of cleaners and other people doing work in your home. Because they may cause more losses than gains.

Some old astrologers believed that this placement caused the loss of inheritances, especially parental ones and of lands or houses. Also, it can show the inheritances of an inferior nature, such as a cheap average house, or a land that’s not fertile.

Some inheritances you can receive may be something to do with sickness, health, or medicine.

The ruler of the sixth house in the fourth shows that you are likely to keep pets, and if you have your own farm – other domesticated animals, yet not the ones that are large (as these are ruled by the twelfth house).