When the ruler of the sixth house is in the first house, this means that you are interested in healthy routines, and you may be particular about food. You want to keep your body healthy.

With this combination afflicted, it would mean that all your life you’ll have health problems, and that you are going to spend a lot of time thinking and taking action about your health.

The sicknesses you will experience are likely to be caused by you and not others.

For example, with such a combination, it’s very usual to exercise too much and harm the body as a result; or to eat wrong foods for your body type, such as raw vegan, and then the body breaks down.

An extreme case of such a placement would be those people focused so much on their routines, food and health, that their obsessions alienate other people and then they cling to those routines even more, and become defined by them.

This position favors employment under someone, in a useful occupation but not necessarily high paid, unless other astrological factors support this. It also may draw your attention to the medical field, health or food sector.

Service sector work is a good match for you. Doing the job well and being of use to the world will be important to you. A lot of your life will be about work and service.

Some suitable occupations for you would be a dietician, health advisor, cook of healthy food, personal trainer, and personal assistant. Office work suits you too, as usually such work involves routines which you are good at.

Organizational work is good for you, where you have to put things in order, because you are likely to have an eye for detail and you like clean and organized spaces.