When the ruler of the sixth house is in the fifth house, this means that your children may be focused on work, and they may choose to work in the food, medical, or health fields. They are likely to be productive and service-oriented individuals unless the combination is afflicted.

If it is afflicted, it can show that your children still can be good at what they do, but they can suddenly quit or cause some problems at work, or they can be very productive and organized at work, yet at home they can be the very opposite.

Another meaning would be that your children are sickly and that they have weak immune systems. They may be focused on their health. The focus on health could be to keep their body healthy or to treat a sick body.

Your children may be fond of routines and may follow some kind of food restriction, such as being vegans or vegetarian. Their eating habits may differ from the rest of the family.

This placement may show that in your free time, you may enjoy cooking, reading about food, or watching programs about food or cooking. You may also be interested in the health and medicine topics.

You may often work even during your free time, when you don’t have to. And this combination sometimes means that you really like your work.

However, if the ruler of the sixth house in the fifth house is afflicted, it can mean that you cannot avoid work, even in your free time. It would then show that you would really like to relax and switch off from work completely, but you can’t escape work and your responsibilities.

Sometimes, this placement shows the natives who are obsessed with work, food, exercise, or daily routines, where their whole life revolves around these two or either of these two activities.

This placement can reveal that you get sick because of your daily routines or because of too much work. For example, if you exercise too much, or eat the wrong food regularly, this can worsen your health.

Another meaning is that what you do in your free time damages your health. Engaging in sense-pleasures can become habitual, so it’s very important for you not to get into the activities in your free time that may end up harming your health.

However, the positive thing about this placement is that if you focus on establishing healthy routines, you will, with time, start really liking them – even those that are tough for most people, such as eating only sugar-free meals, preparing all your food, saying no to any processed products, or daily exercising.