When the ruler of the sixth house is in the eighth house, this connects the two negative houses of astrology and gives the following meanings.

It can mean that there may be a bigger occurrence of the death of pets that you have at your home. It could also mean that the people that you hire, such as domestic staff, will die earlier than you.

If there are people working under you, such as you hiring domestic staff, they can give you anxiety or unpleasant experiences.

This placement shows that your job may give you anxiety, or that you need to deal with something fearful, occult, or taboo at work or regularly (maybe even daily) in your life. There could be some job secrets you cannot disclose, and your work may involve quite a lot of private work.

The work can also involve investigation, uncovering secrets, scientific experiments, and dealing with death in some form. It can also involve dealing with other people’s money or possessions and inheritances.

Although your work can put you through anxiety and there could be fearful experiences associated with it, it also regenerates you, makes you understand yourself better, and therefore helps in your self growth.

Since these two houses – the house of sickness and the house of death – are connected, you must be careful with your health; because if your health is in danger, this will trigger this placement, making you more at risk of dying because of illnesses or injuries.

This placement can show that illnesses or injuries already brought you to the brink of death, such as you having a near-death experience. It can show that you are more likely to get some sort of dangerous illness or injury, especially if the combination is afflicted.

So you must take preventative measures to keep yourself away from illnesses and dangers, such as dressing warm in winter, and avoiding potentially dangerous sports and travel.

The ruler of the sixth house in the eighth house can show that your daily routine gives you anxiety, and that your habits take you closer to death. Such habits, therefore, are likely to be unhealthy in general, or harmful to your body or mind.

On rare occasions, this can show that routines in general are harmful for you, and you should change things up so that there’s always something new introduced in your life.

This placement could also mean that being interested in taboo or occult subjects, such as life after death, is a daily affair for you. With this combination unafflicted, the risk of death, illness and injury is reduced, whilst the interest in the occult or taboo subjects is emphasized.