When the ruler of the seventh house is in the first house, this means that your other half may be similar to you, and you will find many things in common.

Whilst some people are attracted to those who are totally different from them, you, on the other hand, may find things in common between you and a potential partner more attractive than your differences.

Once you are with someone, you may become even more similar to one another, such as talking in a similar way, or having almost the same preferences and interests. There is a danger of a partner becoming dependent on you, or you controlling the partner.

It’s easy for you to attract partners. Even without trying, others may express interest in you and make the first step. That’s because you have strong magnetic (attractive) power, and it’s not about your looks, but about your energy.

In fact, it could be difficult to stay single, unless the ruler of the seventh house is Saturn (which would delay things but then give a long-lasting relationship). Marriage is very likely to take place, and probably early, unless Saturn is involved.

Negotiation and couple-counselling could be something that comes naturally to you. Also, you may receive business proposals, as people may want to be your business partners.

The work that involves partnerships, signing deals, negotiation, bargaining would be suitable for you. If you are good at languages, you could work as a translator. You could also work as a mediator of some sort.

You have a natural understanding of other people, especially those close to you. You can put yourself in their shoes and see the situation from their perspective. This helps you maintain peaceful relationships and people probably like you.

However, if the ruler of the seventh house is a malefic, or the combination is afflicted, it could mean that though it’s easy for you to attract close friendships, the other half, best friend or business partner could be negative or dangerous people, and they may end up inflicting harm on you.

The ruler of the seventh house in the first house could also mean that some of your opponents can become your friends; or that your opponents could be the people you understand well, or those who are like you in character or look.

If the combination is afflicted or the ruler of the seventh house is a malefic, the enemies or opponents could be difficult to deal with or dangerous, and they can be very close to you (such as living nearby, or you being always within their reach in some way).

This placement means that you form wholesome conclusions and plans because of your ability to see the positive and negative sides of a situation, plan or anything else. You would be an excellent advisor to your friends, and also if you advise professionally.

Since your interpersonal skills are excellent, you would do well in any kind of job which requires this ability. You are also likely to win in debates and arguments, because of your ability to quickly understand the other party and tailor your statements accordingly.