If the ruler of the second house is in the tenth house, it means that you can make good money very early in your life, and that the more you are seen by the public, the more money you can make.

This, of course, means that you may become a famous person if you put yourself in the public eye.

You are likely to select a profitable occupation, the one that is respected. The profession you select, therefore, will have to generate a good income for you to find it attractive.

You are likely to be the head of an organisation, business owner, or have some other prominent position.

You will do well in corporate and governmental environments. With time, if you don’t experience a career fall (which could happen if this combination is afflicted, or because of some other natal faults), you can become a powerful person in your field of expertise as well as because of your wealth.

Gaining wealth will be very important to you. Wealth is related to your self-esteem. You won’t feel a worthy individual and you won’t be able to really shine in the society until you have wealth to prove your worth.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that you’re worthy without money or with it, but in your case, having wealth will be very important. Also, having money will give you authority, but be careful not to become addicted to the need to control.

You will make powerful moves in your life because of your wealth, and you will make powerful moves to gain wealth and status. You are born with the skillset to make it in this world, to achieve a prominent position, and to gain a good income.

If this combination is afflicted, you’ll still have the drive to make name and money, but you’ll experience more obstacles to make this happen.

The ruler of the second house in the tenth house means that the head of the family, usually the father, was a wealthy, resourceful man, or a man skilled in his occupation. You may have inherited your own skill, resourcefulness or an ability to make money from him (or her).

The head of the family can also aid you in making money and gaining skills as the time passes. Also, you may select the same or similar occupation as the head of the household.

The money that you will make from your profession will be spent to enhance your public appeal, to make yourself look more worthy or respected. If you have your own business, you may reinvest a lot of that money into it, or you may spend money on courses to enhance your skills, for example.

You’ll find with this astrological placement that if you really contribute to the society through your work, money will naturally flow into your life. It’s very important for you to select the occupation close to your heart, as only when your heart is in it, you’ll be able to make real contribution, and thus receive significant acknowledgment. And public acknowledgment is very important for you.

With the progress in consciousness, this kind of placement means that the person strives to achieve spiritual goals, and his or her whole life is directed towards this pursuit.

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