The placement of the ruler of the second house in the sixth house means you will make money through being of service. You are likely to select a useful occupation for the world.

The occupations that can generate good income are working in the medical field, with pets and other small animals (the ones you can’t ride on), repetitive administrative work, and working as a personal assistant.

Also, work that is hard and avoided by most will generate income for you.

If this combination is not afflicted, you can successfully make money by managing a team. You can also create wealth by helping those who are seen as under-achievers by the world, and those who are sick or are in any other way blocked from their full potential.

Writing about health and disease, being a nutritionist, a cook, or writing about food will also generate money. You may be successful in having a business that sells medicines, herbal treatments, and other wellness products.

Rental business, such as you renting out properties or equipment, will be successful too.

You will find that the more of service you are to the world (in any capacity that your skills and talents allow), not only the more money you will make but also the more you will improve your personality and refine yourself.

As you continue improving yourself through service, you will transcend your personality and will serve from the Divine part of you only.

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