The ruler of the first house in the sixth house shows that the person is focused on routines, health and fitness matters. They may pay much attention to what they eat. Very often, these people are healthy eaters, but if the combination is afflicted, unhealthy attention can be paid to food, such as eating too much, or eating excessively and then starving oneself.

Another way this astrological combination manifests is a person who likes to be of service to others. Often, such natives do useful work for the world, where their service directly benefits the public. If, for example, the combination is really good, such as the sixth house planet trining the Midheaven, this can manifest as a person who is a doctor or the owner of a care home, for example.

But if the combination is not as excellent, then it often indicates a person who works for others and these people can be more effective when given orders than if they are the ones in charge.

This astrological arrangement shows the focus on health. Health in some way will be emphasized. As I said, the person may be working in the health sector. Or it could be that they have to pay attention to their health for one reason or another. If the condition of this combination is not good, it can even indicate someone with chronic health problems where the entire life has to be focused on bettering health.

People who have the ruler of the first house in the sixth house, have to pay particular attention to what they eat. If they eat things that do not agree with the body, they will have bad digestion. If they ignore this and continue eating unsuitable foods, they may even have to go through stomach surgery eventually.

Because many of the natives with such a combination will follow healthy diet trends, it’s especially important for them to check with their bodies if those trends agree with their digestion. A typical example of such a combination is a person on a vegan diet which makes them bloated but they eat this way nevertheless because they consider it healthy.

Another danger for such people is to so much focus on their daily routines that more important things, like relationships, are not paid much attention to. That which is not paid attention to whithers and dies. These people are capable of sacrificing their love for being of service in their work.

The natives having this astrological combination want to achieve perfection in some way. Often, this is done through continuing to develop their skills so that they become excellent at the kind of work that they do. Some natives focus on perfecting their bodies or minds instead. These people are very observant, and they are quick to point out things that are out of harmony, or not perfect. This can make them seem critical, but they are just pointing out the imperfections that they see in the hope that this will be improved.

These people are excellent workers, but they find it difficult to maintain happy relationships because of their critical nature. If they only understood that what seems to them as a simple pointing out of what’s wrong is perceived as insulting or as nagging, they may stop giving such opinions unless asked and their relationships would be much better.

These people can be very hard on themselves. It only seems like they are critical only of others. But they are even more critical of their shortcomings. The lesson here is to stop taking things so seriously and just relax and enjoy life.

These people are compassionate, but that may not be easy to see. Since these people like to be on service, when they come across the incident of some neglect, it can break their hearts. They often do kind things to others without asking anything in return, such as giving an old person a lift, helping them with taking their shopping home, or helping their friends when they are in distress. Again, do note that these people love being of service.

Unless the combination is afflicted, these natives are busy with their work and daily routines, so they would not appreciate a partner who is lazy and disorganized. But that’s only if the combination is unafflicted. If it’s badly afflicted, these people can become the opposite of the ideal indicated by the combination, being messy, disorganized, and sometimes working very hard, and sometimes feeling like doing nothing at all.

These people are practical. They read and gather information to apply in real life, rather than to store it as a theory in their heads. They are often suited for work that is very detailed, or requires much focus and spotting small things out of place. They can be good with systems, organization, and paperwork – if the combination is not afflicted and they were brought up in a way that would allow for such qualities to unfold.

(For example, a person born in some undeveloped country might have not even had a chance to learn to read, so doing paperwork would not be for him. However, such a person may be excellent at arranging in an orderly way something complicated that he understands.)