The ruler of the second house in the fourth house means that your wealth-building ability is inherited. Either you come from a wealthy family, wealth was enjoyed by your past generations, or your family passed on healthy work and wealth-building habits.

One of your parents is wealthy, or has come from a well-to-do past generation.

You will only feel grounded and strong in life when you have a stable physical base, which requires money. So money-making and security-seeking will be very important. Once this worldly foundation is taken care of, your mind will be free to create, spiritually progress, and do whatever else it wants.

The same is likely to apply to your parents – they too find wealth-building a primary task, and either they have built a solid foundation already and moved on to other pursuits, or money is still on their minds.

And this even goes further than that – the family that you yourself will form (if you form it), will be similarly focused on wealth-building.

You are likely to inherit a house or money from one of your parents, more likely to be your mother. You may have a joint business with your parents, or your income may be tied to theirs.

You may even continue running a business that is very old, which belonged to your grand-grandparents, for example. Similarly, you may be involved in an occupation that your ancestors or parents were involved in, too.

The danger of the second house lord being in the fourth house is that you can become financially dependent on your parents. You may know that they will always support you, so you may not be motivated to make something out of your life.

However, it’s not only about wealth. The ruler of the second house in the fourth house also shows that for you to feel stable and at peace with yourself, you must continuously develop your skillset, until you pretty much master it.

Your parents and family may also be focused on bettering their skills. You (as well as them) may make a daily practice to read and seek information that enhances your skills.

You may find that you can build your wealth by being involved in real estate, home decoration and construction, agriculture, and land in general. Also, you can become successful by having business or employment that is to do with the Earth’s natural resources.

You may even find some valuable discoveries in the earth, caves, or basements. You can be one of those people who just finds money on the street, or discovers precious stones. The more connected to the Earth you are, the more she will share her treasures with you.

You will also benefit from wearing earth’s natural treasures, such as silver, gold, and precious stones. If you are involved in magic of any sort, you will find that the one that deals with earth’s natural elements and cycles works for you the most.

Remember – Earth’s natural resources bring you financial benefits.

Working from home is very suitable for you, as well as having a family business. You will spend your income on your house, family, parents, and to get established in life (whatever that means to you).

The more secure you will feel in life (because of having a comfortable home, family, and stable income), the more motivated you will be to perfect your skills and earn more.