If the ruler of your second house is in your fifth house, you are one of those few people who can gain wealth through speculation.

That means you can make money through gambling and games of any sort and activities that involve guessing. You can make money from stocks, cryptocurrency, and risky investments.

Investing in establishments of pleasure and entertainment is going to be beneficial for you. Providing pleasure of any form as a service will generate money.

Acting, music, painting, poetry and writing can bring income, or financially investing in such activities should be profitable.

You also can make your hobby into your source of income. Anything that’s fun for you and keeps you engaged can be successfully monetized.

When you have children, they are likely to become well-off. If you are a woman, blogging about your pregnancy or writing a book about it can bring good income. Also, when you’re raising children, writing or teaching other women about raising children can become a successful enterprise.

Also, activities related to children bring you money, such as teaching them, being an au pair, creating products and services for children, and writing about children. If you express your personality and creativity in your profession, this will generate more income for you too.

Writing romances, about love and sex will bring money. But upon reaching higher awareness levels, the writing (equally as successful) will be about merging into the Divine, trusting the Universe, and spiritual devotion.