When the ruler of the fourth house is in the eleventh house, this means that you are likely to have come from a very social background. Your parents may have been friendly, and your home was always open to other people.

Sometimes, people born in alternative communities have such a placement too. Also, this may show that your parents prayed to have children, and then you were born after their intense desire or prayers.

This placement can also mean that your parents are goal-oriented, and can successfully achieve that which they set their minds to. Maintaining friendships is very important to your parents, and they will take time to nourish good connections.

The same applies to yourself, as you are from the same root. Friends will be important in your life, and they may also help you achieve some of your goals. You will feel more grounded and yourself when you are with friends who know you well and whom you can rely on.

You also, like your parents, will be goal-oriented, and if you focus on achieving your dreams, you surely can do so. Your home is likely to be always open to your friends, and you may even host some events there, such as it becoming a place for a gathering of people working for some cause.

The ruler of the fourth house in the eleventh house can show that one of the big goals of your life will be to manifest a perfect house or to live on your own land, and this you are likely to achieve. Some of your friends may help to manifest this dream.

You will be so close to your friends that you may even include them in your will. And at some point in your life, some of your friends may live in the same house as you.

The more meaningful connections you will make, the more grounded you will feel. And more connections can materially benefit you as well. Networking in business is suitable for you.

Many of the friends you trust will become stable fixtures in your life, the people you can rely on – unless this astrological combination is afflicted.

You may find yourself at home in large groups and communities. You may take part in some social causes and be a member of the organizations of interest. You feel good when you are a part of the group of like-minded people.

If an afflicted Saturn is found as the ruler of the fourth house, this changes matters. It will mean that you will achieve your goals only after overcoming trials and obstacles, and with delay.

This kind of ruler may also give you less than what you wanted to manifest. Such a placement would also show that unfortunate conditions in your childhood home or upbringing make it difficult for you to achieve your dreams.

So even though the general interpretation of this placement is very positive, it’s always important to look at the ruler and its afflictions to determine the actual situation. As a negative ruler and severe afflictions can make the interpretation quite the opposite.