The ruler of the first house in the twelfth house means that this could be your first time incarnating on this earth, and therefore, the skills and activities people find easy may not be so for you. It can take more time for you to develop your abilities and understand your gifts.

Another possibility is having to incarnate with a lot of baggage in this life – negative baggage, which will create obstacles for you in this life until you neutralize it through non-attachment, acceptance, and good works.

It could be quite hard to transcend envy, jealousy, dishonesty and suchlike dark traits. But this is required of you if you want your life to be peaceful and pleasant. Try to avoid talking negatively about other people, even if you think they deserve it. And do not blame anyone for your misfortunes, as then they will stay.

So whatever life sends you – negative people, obstacles, lack – be at peace with that (with no resistance in your heart), and you’ll dissolve your karma, opening yourself up to a better future.

If you have come with a lot of baggage and do not deal with it, it will be easy to become a negative character in this life. Therefore, do all you can to become aware of your blind spots and negative features, and transform them through awareness, good habits, and a healthy mind.

Things can come quite late in your life – achievement, marriage, children, and so forth. You must avoid looking outside for answers and help, because this will delay your progress even more.

You are a deep and private person. Being highly creative and imaginative, it may take time to show these qualities to the world. You have a mystical side to you which is magnetic and therefore attracts.

You must learn to navigate this life much more than others, because your smallest mistakes can get you punished. Be very careful with drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances, and do not hang out with those of a criminal bent.

If you live in a harmonious environment, surrounded by beneficial influences, your abilities and gifts will develop naturally and harmoniously; but if you live in a harsh or unpleasant environment, surrounded by negative influences, you may get into legal, criminal, and other kind of trouble, which can prevent or delay your flourishing.

And even if you don’t get in trouble, you may still feel limited – as though you can’t express your true greatness in this world. Your gifts will mature with time – if you gradually improve yourself and gain greater awareness.

Though you should find your own way and seek help within, you will find that some of your friends will help you through their knowledge, actions, gifts, and funds.

Also, if you never wanted to have children, don’t, because they may cause unhappiness in your life. Always be led by intuition in these matters. And if you already have children who cause trouble, it’s best to stay away from them, as it’s likely that they won’t change their attitude towards you.

Sometimes people who belong to secret societies have the ruler of the first house in the twelfth house. Sometimes those who hold high positions in secret societies have this placement. Whether or not you want it, secrets will be made known to you, and you will be their keeper.

You are likely to prefer working on your own or in some place that’s secluded. Also, you may work at some point in your life in institutions that are secretive or secluded, like hospitals, ashrams, churches, and prisons.

You are likely to have natural love and compassion for those who are outcasts, the very sick, weak, orphans and the imprisoned.

You are likely to be attracted to bigger animals, such as horses, elephants, and other big animals, especially the ones you can ride.

You must take care of your feet, like by being mindful when running and walking long-distances, as there could manifest some problems with this body part with age. But awareness will be the greatest preventative – if you notice some negative symptoms developing in your feet, be sure to resolve them, and all will be fine.

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