When the ruler of the fifth house is in the seventh house, this means that what you really love doing is staying with people very close to you, such as your loved one. If you are a business owner, maybe your business partner is also the person you love to be with.

This kind of placement can show that you are a faithful person and, therefore, you will respect marriage vows. However, to be very sure, this needs to be found out by looking at the rest of the chart as well.

This placement also can mean that your marriage partner will be a lovely person who will make you happy. And the same applies to your business partner – if you go into business with someone, that person is likely to be optimistic and happy.

However, if this combination is afflicted, your marriage or business partners may be gamblers, irresponsible risk-takers, or addicted to mind-altering substances and other sensual pleasures.

An unafflicted ruler of the fifth house in the seventh house shows that you will find much happiness in unions with other people; but if this placement is afflicted, it means that unions with other people can cause you becoming less responsible, and you may get addicted to sense-pleasures because of the influence of such unions.

This kind of placement also shows that if you have children, they are likely to be your best friends. And your relationship may be more like those of friends than a parent and a child. However, if this placement is afflicted, the opposite will be the case, and instead of getting along, you’ll find yourself at odds with one another.

Your children may greatly differ from you, but whether those differences will complement you two or damage your relationship depends on the condition of this astrological combination.

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