When the ruler of the fifth house is in the second house, this means that you are likely to have artistic skills, such as acting and other dramatic arts, painting, singing or dancing.

Your child may grow up to become a wealthy person, and may even support you financially. The involvement with children will prove profitable, such as working as a teacher of children or their carer.

If this combination is afflicted, it could mean that your child may be too much focused on money and gain.

Engaging in artistic occupations will bring wealth, as well as investing in such pursuits. You may find that you can get wealthy through risky ventures where a lot of guessing is required.

Some such activities will naturally come to you to financially enrich you, without you doing much. For example, a friend will talk you into the investment where you will only have to say yes, and the money will be made.

The ruler of the fifth house in the second house shows that the more playful you are at work, and the more optimistic you are in life, the wealthier you can become. Also, it shows that if you take any study as a play and enjoyment, you will learn the subject fast.

A light-hearted and playful approach brings financial and material benefits, therefore. You should invest in things that make you happy, which make your heart sing.

And the same applies to your work – you should choose your work with your heart, not the mind, and involve yourself in it like a child, enjoying every moment. Then, you won’t need to concern yourself with how much you can earn from it, because money will start flowing into your life as though effortlessly.

This placement also shows that if you feel loved and desired, you will be much more optimistic and happier, which will contribute to your material success. And if you are deprived of the opportunities to be appreciated, this can hurt your financial situation.

Some rarer meanings of this placement is that you may be supported by your parents’ (usually your mother’s) earnings in your life, or that you may make good money by having an employment to do with pregnancy – such as that of a midwife, selling pregnancy essentials, clothing for newborn, and so forth.

You should financially succeed in providing any service that brings happiness and entertainment value to people, such as working as an actor, in a theater, in a cosy cafe which people love, in a club, or in any other entertainment venue.