When the ruler of the fifth house is in the ninth house, this means that your interests can circle around traveling (especially long distance), education, publishing, spirituality, and interacting with foreign cultures. Sometimes, this shows an interest in the law too.

If this placement is not afflicted, it means that engaging in the mentioned interests is going to bring much happiness and luck. Also, this combination may mean that during your travels and adventure-seeking, you may have the opportunities to get involved in love affairs.

This placement also shows that you are more risk-taking when traveling. And if this combination is not afflicted, luck may favor you in such activities.

This placement also means that if you publish or write books, they can be about the subjects of children, entertaining stories, music, dance, acting, and other kinds of arts.

Also, the ruler of the fifth house in the ninth house shows that you perceive traveling and learning as happy and easy activities. You may think in the same way about writing books and publishing. For some people, such activities are burdensome, but you are likely to love engaging in them.

An unafflicted ruler of the fifth house in the ninth would show that you are going to have luck in the dealings with the law. But if this combination is afflicted, it means that through gambling, love affairs, and having a good time (in whatever way this manifests for you) can cause you to get in trouble with the law.

Also, an afflicted placement would mean that you are more careless when you travel abroad, which can get you in trouble, especially a legal one. Also, an afflicted placement would show that you may not finish higher education because of focusing more on pleasure-bringing activities (such as love affairs, using mind-altering substances, frequenting clubs, etc.) than on your studies.

With a ruler of the fifth house well placed in the ninth house, it would mean that your children will be well-educated, and they might be spiritual, even visionaries. They would be well-meaning, and they may also be naturally gifted in the law, thus pursuing a legal career.

Alternatively, they may write books or even own publishing houses. They are likely to be lifelong travelers, and may even move to live abroad, probably (though not always) on another continent.

However, if this combination is afflicted, it would make your children opinionated, wanting to convert others to their false views about life and religion, and though they would still travel, such activity may bring them more trouble and losses than if they were to stay at home.

Finally, the lord of the fifth house in the ninth house shows that, if you’re a female, you may get pregnant abroad or be abroad during your pregnancy; it shows that your children may be adopted from other countries, especially other continents;

It indicates that you may have love affairs mainly with foreign people, and that you are likely to feel much more alive and happy when you travel far from your home.

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