When the ruler of the fifth house is in the fifth house, this placement shows an emphasis on having a good time, entertainment, children, and artistic skills.

How those areas will be highlighted in your life will very much depend on the ruling planet and whether it’s comfortable in that house. But usually this kind of placement manifests as having many artistic talents.

You are likely to be naturally creative, and people may even ask you about how to develop this aspect of self. You are also likely to be optimistic, and you’re not afraid to take risks.

Unless opposing astrological factors exist, you are a courageous person who makes decisions based on what your heart says. You may be very attracted to some type of entertainment, be it movies, dance performances, music, the arts, and so forth.

It’s very likely that you are good at either painting, dancing, music or acting. But whether you develop such inborn qualities further or not, and choose to pursue such engagements as a career, would depend on other astrological factors.

This placement gives a more dramatic nature to your character, and children or young people may be highlighted in your life. For example, you may really like children, may want to have your own children, or will have an employment related to children or young people.

This placement shows a playful side of you, and you will be the happiest if you choose an occupation that feels like a play, or which is your hobby. This will assure that you’ll never get bored of it (that is, if it’s truly what you love doing). But if you choose an occupation that’s restrictive and involves much routine, your spirits may be dampened.

The danger of this placement is that hereditary factors or the environment may tempt you to engage in the activities that will be destructive in the long-run, such as using mind-altering substances, gambling, searching for shortcuts to success, or flirting which may lead to love affairs and broken hearts. There’s also a danger of becoming too proud.

You are likely to be a natural entertainer, a star. The ruler of the fifth house in the fifth house shows that you may achieve fame, but this cannot be guaranteed by looking at this placement alone. It shows that you have the right talents and character for fame.

If this placement is not afflicted, it gives hope and brightness to your life, creativity, the love of children (or happiness as a result of children and young people), as well as courage. An afflicted placement as such gives gambling tendencies, addictions to sensual pleasures, and an inflated sense of self.

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