When the ruler of the eleventh house is in the third house, this means that humanitarian concerns, friendships, dreams and goals can be frequently on your mind.

Some of such goals could be something related to your siblings, neighbors, neighborhood, learning, and the mind.

For example, maybe you have goals to do with moving to a better neighborhood, resolving some issue with or gifting something to your sibling, and improving your mind through reading some book.

Reading, by the way, could also be one of your goals, such as to read a certain book, or to read more books than you currently do. Or you may have a goal to write a book.

Another possible goal could be public speaking or teaching a group of people. Sharing your knowledge with others could be important for you.

Also, your goals may have the theme of change, such as to change your life, change your job, change your appearance, and so forth. Your goals can also have the theme of movement or speed (such as about how to do something more quickly).

Popularity may also be important (though this isn’t always the case), so it could be that you may think of ways to attract more friends or to gain greater attention.

You are likely to discuss your dreams and goals with others. This, in fact, could be a frequent topic of conversation. Other things you may like discussing could be the latest news concerning you, your friends or the neighborhood, news in general, what you read, books, transport and travels.

If you have siblings, they (especially the first one) can be social people who have many friends. They may be innovative, open-minded and able to understand social trends. They may be future-oriented.

Also, the ruler of the eleventh house in the third house means that you are likely to make friends during your short travels, usually within your own country. It could be that through the use of transport you can make social connections, such as when using public transport.

You may also connect with others if you use your own transport, such as if you decide to explore your country by taking short trips using your own car.

This placement also means that you may communicate with your friends a lot, through emails, phone calls and text messages. If you are a member of some group, you may also feel the need to always keep in touch with it.

Finally, the ruler of the eleventh house in the third house can show that you tend to change your mind about which goals to pursue.