When the ruler of the eleventh house is in the fourth house, this means that your parents may be social people who have many friends. In fact, your home may be a place which your or your parents’ friends tend to visit or stay at.

Sometimes, this placement shows growing up in a home with the people who are not genetically related to you, such as with adopted siblings or parents’ friends.

Your parents, or at least one of them (likely to be a mother), are likely to be welcoming, open-minded, and interested in humanitarian topics and pursuits. They may be goal-oriented.

Sometimes, this placement shows that your parents, or one of them (likely to be a mother), will help you get established in your career, or will financially contribute to the founding of your business.

The ruler of the eleventh house in the fourth house can show that your goal in life may be something related to the family or home, such as to own a nice home, or to start your own family.

Also, this configuration may reveal that some of your goals will be the same as those of one of your parents, likely to be your mother.

Your friend circle may be of the same background as you. They are likely to be of the same culture, nationality, or of the same social status.

You may find it easy to talk to the people whose culture or family background you understand. (That may seem common-sense, but this doesn’t apply to all. Some people feel more at home in foreign cultures than in their own.)

This placement shows that you inherited the traits which make you a social person who is likely to accept others’ differences. So it could be easy for you to attract friendships, though you may not even know why.

Your own home may be open to your friends, and they may feel relaxed there, as though they are part of your family. You are likely to have a group of friends who feel like your family, and they may have been with you since your childhood. You may feel like they provide more stability and meaning to your life.

Sometimes, this placement indicates that your parents, especially your mother, feel more like your friends than parents. Also, this placement means that your parents, especially a mother, may help you to achieve some of your goals.

You are likely to receive an inheritance from your friends, and it could be a significant one, such as real estate, if this combination is in a good condition. If this combination is afflicted, this inheritance may have debts attached to it, or you might have problems with it after accepting it.

Your home is likely to have a modern interior and is probably newly built or of a modern style. You might have many gadgets in your home, and you may like to buy the things for your home that are trendy or which are newly released.