When the ruler of the eleventh house is in the first house, this means that you are a social person. You feel much more stable and at home when you are with friends. They help you understand yourself.

If you need to spend time on your own, you may feel as though cut off from the world (unless other chart factors disagree).

You make friends naturally, organically. You know how to behave with different kinds of people. You are likely to accept their differences, such as cultural ones, or the differences in their opinions.

You are probably okay with the current developments of this world where more and more people come out as transgender and express their love for the same sex. You understand that all of us are individuals, so you respect such differences.

It could be painful for you to watch race clashes and violence against those who are different from the prevailing culture that they live in.

You are likely to be future-oriented, which means you live in your dreams and desires rather than memories. Also, you probably rely on modern developments and improved ways of doing things, rather than tradition.

Though you have many friends, you are likely to keep some distance. The friendships are likely to be somewhat cold, unless other chart indicators correct this.

You are likely to be a member of some groups, or you may actively support some social causes. You probably have ideas and goals about how to help humanity. In your goals and ideas, you are focused on the people at large, rather than individuals.

People feel your acceptance and friendliness and naturally gravitate toward you. You are likely to be more of an extrovert, and you are likely to be open with people rather than being on the defence.

If this placement is not afflicted, it means that you can achieve even the greatest goals that you set for yourself. The ruler of the eleventh house in the first house can also show that goals drive you in life.

Friends and supporters will help you achieve your goals. Since you are a social person who knows how to talk to the individuals from all walks of life, you may do well as a vlogger, for example. You may attract a large following, especially if this combination is in a good condition.

If you have leadership and organisational qualities (which we would need to look at other chart factors to ascertain), you would also do well working with groups, such as working as a group coordinator or the organizer of social events.

Finally, you will do well in careers which make people rise through networking, as well as in professions where your success depends on having and maintaining many connections, such as in the entertainment or fashion industries.