Although we’re experiencing the results of mass unconsciousness, each of us individually will experience our personal energy manifestation. So although we are living in a lockdown (mass unconsciousness creation) each of us will either thrive or experience hardships depending on what quality of energy we have.

Because we’re all connected, we have to stay in the world of unconsciousness as the vast majority of humanity lives in fear. I’m very interested in the content of Aug Tellez, an MK Ultra mind control victim, and he says that the controllers no longer have any right to make changes in the world because their contract is up. However, before leaving they established machines which will keep the negative matrix going as long as people feed them with their negativity.

Since the controllers (reptilian anunnaki) have left our plane, those who plug out of negativity can create a life that’s very beautiful because the machines can’t get them. And if the masses wake up and stop being negative, the machines will be deprived of their food and self-destruct.

Then we will instantly experience a reality similar to heaven, because we will jump to the alternative timeline of how the world would have looked like without being overtaken by reptilians in the first place.

How empowering is that? It means that if you choose now to no longer engage in any kind of negativity (especially fear) you will quickly create harmonious circumstances and will thrive.

Listen to “The Great Split” on Spreaker.

I feel that the split between the unconscious ones and the awakened ones is getting very deep. There’s huge aggression coming from the unconscious ones now, when you’re trying to awaken them. They really want to be left asleep.

We’re living already in completely different worlds. Unfortunately we still have to see the effects of unconsciousness (lockdown, fake virus) and unfortunately since we are all connected, we will have to suffer in this way together with humanity until all awaken. But individually, though the background is manifested by their unconsciousness, we can create beautiful bubbles of our individual existence.

We can see this manifesting now. Some people are dying of hunger in fear, some pretty much thrive and are happy within limitations. That’s because their positive energy protects them from the mass nightmare.

Another topic I’d like to mention is how to treat the elite controlled by entities that are not on our plane anymore. Those are the child-sacrificing psychopaths that take action to enslave the world. I was wrong in wanting to get rid of them as violence is their vibration.

Although they are totally evil, we must see them as sick individuals needing help. So if we keep vibrating positivity, they will have nothing to feed on and either will die or change. When we beam light, darkness disappears.

So we cannot use their tools to win over them. Violence should be the last resort, when there are absolutely no other options left. It’s better to see them as lost sick individuals, heavily traumatized since birth, and try to heal them through positive energy.

Aug Tellez says that they can’t touch us if we refuse to take part in their system. But if we willingly take part, they can control us depending on how much freedom we grant them. (I said in the above video that they can do to us whatever they want, but I had to correct the text as it’s not entirely correct – the more we submit to them, the more they can control us.)

We are the creators of our own worlds, our own destinies. But people are used to giving up their power, so if they choose to vote or in other way express their need to be governed by these monsters, well that’s their choice.

So our job is to keep our energy as high as possible so that the system self-destructs. It’s unlikely that it will do so in the near future due to such mass unconsciousness in the world, but at least we will live in our beautiful bubbles protected from mass calamities.

Try to withdraw your energy from everything that smells of that reptilian system. Do not support it by watching Hollywood movies or adoring Hollywood stars as you’re directing your precious energy to these monsters. Try to not pay anything to any corporation. Do not work in any corporation as you’re giving energy to the system.

Do not have anything to do with the governments (starting from any local government body) and avoid paying them in any way if possible. Withdraw from any organized religion as those are certainly controlled by the system and keep you in it. If you can’t take big steps to withdraw from the system, at least take small ones. Your affirmative action will surely pay off. Just keep taking action towards your freedom.

When you withdraw your energy from the reptilian system, you will withdraw your permission for the system to control you. Then you can become untouchable by them and you can create your own reality in this lockdown-fake-virus background.

Finally, on the 11th of May Saturn goes retrograde and is conjunct the Altair star which can give mental disturbances, a feeling of isolation, separation from parents, hospital treatment and even death there, an accident which makes one unable to work and which becomes a lifelong affliction. It’s a horrible conjunction and the retrograde action of Saturn will last till 29th of September unfortunately.

Depending on where in your chart this will be happening, you will be either greatly affected by this or not much. But it’s wise to be prepared and to avoid doing anything dangerous these few months.

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